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Deeper in Sin (Wicked Dukes #2)

deepcover69377-mediumAuthor: Sharon Page

Publisher: Kensington Books

Rating: 4 stars

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Type: Novel

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Blurb: Passion Lost

Memories of a dark past have left the Duke of Caradon disinclined to have any fun. But at the urging of friends, he finds himself attending a Cyprian ball in the hope that some woman will attract his attention. And one certainly does. A stunningly sensual woman who reawakens feelings of carnal desire he thought long lost. . .

Desire Found

Sophie Ashley knows little of the courtesan life except what she’s read in a book. A quick learner, Sophie makes her debut at the Cyprian Ball hoping to find a wealthy protector. And when she makes the acquaintance of the reclusive Duke of Caradon, she’s most eager to test her talents in the art of erotic seduction. . . Continue reading Deeper in Sin (Wicked Dukes #2)