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Blood of Saints (Sabrina Vaughn #4)

Author: Maegan Beaumont 

Publisher: Midnight Ink

Rating: 5 stars

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Type: Novel in Series

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Blurb: Deep in the mountains of Montana, former homicide inspector Sabrina Vaughn has found the kind of peace she’s always dreamed of. And with Michael O’Shea, she’s found the kind of love she never thought possible. Together, even under the constant threat of Livingston Shaw, they’ve managed to build the kind of idyllic life they’ve both longed for.

But a life this safe was never meant to last.

When twenty-year-old forensic evidence connects her to a string of recent murders, Sabrina must leave her new life behind and return to the place she was brutally raped and tortured in order to search for a killer who is as cunning as any she has ever encountered. Continue reading Blood of Saints (Sabrina Vaughn #4)