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Guest Post and Giveaway: It’s Brilliant, Really

26195309Today, we interview a character from Edmond Manning’s King John, a man named Alistair Robertson. Alistair attended the last six Burning Man events and this year, has a mission while attending Burning Man, 2002.

Alistair: Well, I wouldn’t really call it a mission, mate.

Interviewer: No? Did you not reveal to me a few moments ago this is your third year looking for the king maker?

Alistair (shifting uncomfortably): Yes, I mean, yes, I said that, right but, that’s not quite…I mean, I wouldn’t call it a mission. More like a hobby. Continue reading Guest Post and Giveaway: It’s Brilliant, Really

A Strange Day

Author: Edmond Manning

Characters: Edmond Manning with a brief peek of Vin Vanbly and King John.


If I were to invite you to pick a day of the year—any day of the year—and tell you that this day had magical properties, you would most likely pick August 2nd. Then, I would tell you that you will eventually measure the success of your life when August 2nd rolled around each year. You would change your diet for August 2nd. I would then promise you that you would sometimes get unreasonably sad on August 2nd or have great expectations for August 2nd. Continue reading A Strange Day