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Whit’s Best of ’16

1. A Kind of Romance by Lane Hayes

I still think this is my favorite Lane Hayes book yet and I LOVE her books so that’s a huge thing. Benny and Zeke are opposites. Zeke is a workaholic with daddy issues and hang ups about how gay men should act. Benny is fabulous and unapologetic about it. A forced set up brings them together. Their dynamic clashes in the best most explosive way. I was totally smitten with this couple. Zeke grows so much in this story. The push and pull are deliciously torturous. I adored this book!

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Holly’s best of ’16

What a year… 2016, may the wind be at your back! Luckily there were several great reads that I **obviously** enjoyed! There are so many more that I haven’t listed, but these should give you a good start. Not in particular order, but here we go:


I love the premise and the follow through in this book. Jessica’s got a great sexy style that is still intimate and heartfelt. If you want sheer escapism with lots of heat and heart, she’s a go-to.  Review: http://wp.me/p4MOQB-32m Continue reading Holly’s best of ’16

Dianne’s Best of ’16

Another satisfying year of books! I’ve listed several debut authors and new-to-me authors this time, along with some tried and true favorites.

These are in no particular order:


1. Bitter Legacy by Dal Maclean

A knockout of a debut novel, this brilliant and captivating page turner is an out of the box, thought provoking, daring, and emotionally wrenching story. Unforgettable characters involved in a perplexing crime mystery as well as mysteries of the heart. Exactly what I hope for when I pick up a book. A flat out, hold-your-breath ride to the end. More…please!

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Faye’s Best of ’16

2016 had some powerhouse books. More importantly, I feel those books had some powerhouse characters full of moral ambiguity. I want to tread that fine line between needing to forgive a character and wanting to never see them again.

As always, these books are in no particular order of preference.

1. Rock N Soul by Lauren Sattersby  RockNSoul_600x900

I’m not usually into ghost books, however; the emotional progression in this book is stunning.  I was so wrecked by the end which is also something I’m not usually into. TL;DR I shouldn’t have loved this book, but I did.

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