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Carli’s best of ’14

1. The Boy With The Painful Tattoo by Josh Lanyon16219338

The third installment in The Holmes & Moriarity Series by Josh Lanyon delivered a satisfying mystery; tender, sexy moments between the main characters; the reappearance of old friends and the introduction of quirky characters to keep Kit in a perpetual knot and J.X. in an off-kilter quandary. These men are such opposites and they are so real, you root for them as their rocky relationship develops. Lanyon writes like no one else. He knocked it out of the park.

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Dianne’s best of ’14

1.The Boy With The Painful Tattoo by Josh Lanyon16219338

This latest series installment heralds the return of two of my all- time favorite characters. The dynamic between Kit and JX is intense and powerful. Their serious relationship issues were dealt with painfully realistically while being juxtaposed with madcap murder & mayhem. Love Kit’s snarky, yet warm and straightforward POV. More please! Continue reading Dianne’s best of ’14

Holly’s best of ’14

I read many, many books during the past year. Many wonderful fantastic books! Some stinky books too–books I loved but wanted to drive to the writer’s house and kick them in the knee for making me tired and grumpy and for creating SUCH.AN.ASSHOLE. (you know who you are, Aleks!) I made a grand list… and it was too long. I was slapped on the wrist and given a rule. A Helpful Rule. Only books published within the year 2014. Shew! That helped immensely! So, here goes: Continue reading Holly’s best of ’14