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A Strange Day

Author: Edmond Manning

Characters: Edmond Manning with a brief peek of Vin Vanbly and King John.


If I were to invite you to pick a day of the year—any day of the year—and tell you that this day had magical properties, you would most likely pick August 2nd. Then, I would tell you that you will eventually measure the success of your life when August 2nd rolled around each year. You would change your diet for August 2nd. I would then promise you that you would sometimes get unreasonably sad on August 2nd or have great expectations for August 2nd. Continue reading A Strange Day

Written in the Stars

Author: Nicole Kimberling

Characters: Lord Adam Wexley & Grand Magician Zachary Drake


Grand Magician Drake could not be called a superstitious man, but he did know when the Sea of Stars was trying to tell him something.

Every night this week his husband Adam had phoned to say that he’d be working late and each phone call seemed to precipitate a shower of meteors zinging across the sky. Continue reading Written in the Stars

Mr. Sykes and the Noble Muse (Pt. 4)

Author: Ginn Hale

Characters: Belimai Sykes & William Harper


I didn’t intend to share any confidence that might endanger Harper, but I nodded.

“Then he must come with you. I’ll find work for him on my estate.” The duke patted my hand in an almost paternal manner though he couldn’t have been even a decade my senior. “It can’t have been easy for the two of you here.” Continue reading Mr. Sykes and the Noble Muse (Pt. 4)

Mr. Sykes and the Noble Muse (Pt. 3)

Author: Ginn Hale

Characters: Belimai Sykes & William Harper


“You must be Mr. Belimai Sykes!” He shook my hand and held it between his own for several moments too long while beaming down at me with all the delight of a fox taking possession of a chicken coop.

In the glow of so many candles, his red hair shone like polished copper and his green eyes seemed almost to sparkle in his angular face. He could have passed for a youth of twenty if it hadn’t been for the faint smile lines etched into the corners of his full mouth. The garnet shade of his clothes and their perfect fit flattered both his coloring and his graceful, slim form. A distinctly pleasant scent of calendula and leather drifted from him. Continue reading Mr. Sykes and the Noble Muse (Pt. 3)

Mr. Sykes and the Noble Muse (Pt. 2)

Author: Ginn Hale

Characters: Belimai Sykes & William Harper


Miss Sophia Venet, Squire Marcy’s fiancé and the only child of the indulgent old Baronet of Lindmead, possessed the dark-haired and doe-eyed beauty that made her strongly resembled Harper’s sister Joan –at least in body, though certainly not in fiery temperament. I found Miss Venet pretty enough and quick witted, if in the naïve manner of a girl who’d never known any form of hardship or hunger. But after making conversation with her on the subject of the city fashion of lace conversation fans and then listening to her ponder deeply upon the plight of the poor Prodigals of Hells Below–who hadn’t the means to purchase such crucial fans—I felt that I’d rather spend a few hours batting myself about the head and face with a wine bottle than have to endure anymore of her deeply sincere and utterly ignorant opinions of how “my people” might be improved. Continue reading Mr. Sykes and the Noble Muse (Pt. 2)

Mr. Sykes and the Noble Muse (Pt. 1)

Author: Ginn Hale

Characters: Belimai Sykes & William Harper


Raindrops twisted and swung like glass baubles flung from a jewelry box as the wind tossed them through the darkening sky. The air tasted wet and smelled of apples turning slowly to cider amid decaying golden leaves. There were worse evenings to be out on a roof and considering the condition of the tiles there wasn’t really all that much of a difference between inside and out in a number of places. Continue reading Mr. Sykes and the Noble Muse (Pt. 1)

Rituals are Important

Author: Corrina Lawson

Characters: Philip “Hawk” Drake & Delilah Sefton


“Rituals are important.”

Del watched her husband assess their home one more time, patient, knowing Hawk hesitated because they’d never left their son overnight before, never mind for a few days. This was a milestone for any couple with a baby but for Hawk, who’d never known any proper family, it was a milestone he approached with trepidation.

Even if it was their one-year anniversary. Continue reading Rituals are Important

A very THIRDS anniversary by Charlie Cochet

Author: Charlie Cochet

Characters: Dex Daley & Sloane Brody


Hey, handsome. Miss me?”

Dex climbed into bed beside his sleepy partner, his heart swelling at the warm smile he received. Sloane had decided to stop fighting his meds and resign himself to the fact that if he wanted to recovery from his injuries quickly, he’d have to allow his body time to heal. It also didn’t hurt that Dex rewarded him with cuddles every time he woke up from a nap. His gruff, Apex predator partner liked to put up a tough front, but Dex could see right through that. Sloane was very much enjoying Dex’s fussing over him, and on occasion Dex had even gotten him to purr. Much to Sloane’s dismay. He still wasn’t too pleased about purring while in Human form. Continue reading A very THIRDS anniversary by Charlie Cochet

Pick a Date, Any Date

AA_CaroloftheBellskis_coverlgAuthor: Astrid Amara

Characters: Seth Bellski & Lars Varga

Happy Anniversary.”

Seth Bellski walked into the apartment he lived in with his boyfriend Lars Varga, stared at the laid out dinner table, flowers, and wine, and blinked rapidly.


Lars smirked from the kitchen. He was a tall man and attractive, his blond hair carefully coifed after a day at his law office. Much of this overall look of masculinity and professionalism was diminished, however, by the pink frilly apron he wore over his button down shirt and slacks. The apron said “Kitchen Bitch” and was a gift from Seth’s sister, who thought it was hilarious. Continue reading Pick a Date, Any Date