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Canadian Thanksgiving by Kate Sherwood


It’s no secret that I love to cook.  That my favorite holiday would be Thanksgiving isn’t much of a stretch.  I tend to focus on the food aspects of the holiday.  Sometimes I try to look past the gravy boat, and see what there is to the holiday.  This year I asked some friends to talk about what the holiday means for them.  I am very thankful they agreed to do so. ~Faye




“Living next to the United States is a little like sleeping with an elephant. You always wonder if they will roll over on you.” – Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minster of Canada


The American elephant definitely does some trumpeting about its Thanksgiving celebrations! From airports to football to shopping, the Canadian mouse knows how its neighbour (that’s right, there’s a ‘u’ in that word!) celebrates the holiday. But what about the Canadian version?

Well, Canadian Thanksgiving comes first, in the history books and on the calendar. Martin Frobisher, Newfoundland, 1578. Take that, 1621 Pilgrims. And modern Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October, a month and a half before the American version. I’ve got to say, mid-October seems like a more reasonable time for a harvest festival. Sure, there’s parts of the U.S. that are a lot warmer than Canada, but even there, what is being harvested in late November?!?

Maybe the later date accounts for the shopping frenzy of the Americans, too, since the holiday is so close to Christmas. We don’t really have that in Canada. Thanksgiving is more about the food and the family, less about the shopping.

I think there’s a bit of a ‘celebrate nature’ tradition in Canada, as well – a lot of families go for hikes in the afternoon of T-giving day, either burning off the big meal or building up an appetite, for those who eat later in the day. And most Canadians who are lucky enough to have cottages spend T-giving there, one last visit before closing the place up for the winter.

Also, we don’t put marshmallows on our sweet potatoes. That’s just weird.

Overall, though? Thanksgiving is definitely a holiday about family, just like it is in the States. My favourite Thanksgiving movie is American: Home for the Holidays, with Holly Hunter trying to deal with her impossible, exasperating, much-loved family.

I’m writing this a few days after Canadian Thanksgiving at my parents’ cottage, which featured kids screaming about new insults and adults still stewing about old ones. But it also had a lot of laughter, tender moments, and reconnecting with the people who’ve known us longest and in some ways still know us best. I’m glad we have Thanksgiving as an occasion to get together and catch up. I’m also glad it only happens once a year!

So, elephant or mouse, Thanksgiving really is about family, either the one you were born into or the one you’ve created. I think that’s something worth celebrating, on either side of the border.


Kate Sherwood‘s website can be found here.

Wave Goodbye to Charlie

     Author: Eric Arvin

     Publisher: Wilde City Press

     Rating: 5 stars

     Buy Links: WCP and Amazon

     Type: Standalone

     Received from Publisher

Blurb: My name’s Charlie. I’m many things, though none of them having to do with any real talent. I’m a runaway, a hustler when I need to be, a ghost when I have to scare hoodlums away from my home, and a loner who maybe reads too much. But most of all, I’m the keeper of the carnival. That’s how I see myself. I look after the place ’cause even dying things need to be cared for. Maybe it’s illegal. Maybe that rusty metal fence around the carnival is supposed to keep me out too. Or maybe me and this place were meant to find each other. Truth is, I never felt at home anywhere but here, not even in all the foster families and orphanages I was placed in as a young shit. They don’t look for me no more, those places. I suspect I ran away so much they finally just said, “Fuck! Let him go.” I am a hangnail on society’s manicured middle finger. I’m older. One year past the age anyone gives a shit.

And this is my adventure…


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In Me an Invincible Summer

     Author: Ryan Loveless

     Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

     Rating: 5 stars

     Buy Links: DSP and Amazon

     Type: Standalone Novel

     Received from Publisher

Blurb: To an outsider’s view, world-famous action star Joe Nestra lives the Hollywood dream—parties, women, and a high-profile divorce. In reality, Joe’s agent directs his public life. Those women he’s supposedly intimate with? Prearranged dates ending at the red carpet. With his assistant and best friend Derek Simmons’ help, Joe has lived safely in the closet since his divorce, choosing to let off steam with discreet male escorts rather than risk an actual boyfriend. At forty-four, he has no plans to change. Then, taking a role in a film without flashy explosions upends that.

When Joe signs on to play an early 1990s-era AIDS-stricken gay man, his internalized homophobia threatens the production. His out costar Hunter Starling won’t put up with Joe’s behavior. As the animosity between Joe and Hunter grows, saving the film means Joe must face his deepest fear. Challenges pile up from all directions, from his father disowning him to the entertainment industry’s backstabbing reaction. Amid the backlash, Joe ventures into his first gay romantic relationship, tries to help others worse off, and slowly learns how to live his life instead of just acting it.


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August Releases

So, this post is only a week late.  Oops!

We have here a small list of some of the books we’re looking forward to in August.  Really, we could go on.  Actually, we did.  I had to whittle this down to a manageable list.

MyHauntedBlender_500x750_0My Haunted Blender’s Gay Love Affair, and Other Twisted Tales

An anthology featuring Abigail Roux, Andrea Speed, and Anne Tenino.

Release date Aug 11th (you get it two days early if you pre-order from Riptide)



Lisa Henry and Heidi Belleau

Release date Aug 18th (you get it two days early if you pre-order from Riptide)


ChasingTheDragonLGChasing The Dragon

Kate Sherwood

Available now from Dreamspinner Press and other retailers!


Blood&ThunderLGBlood & Thunder

Charlie Cochet

Available now from Dreamspinner Press and other retailers!  (I really liked it!)



Shira Anthony

Release date Aug 8th from Dreamspinner Press




JL Merrow

Release date Aug 19th from Samhain Publishing


TBA-cover-2The Beautiful Ashes

Jeaniene Frost

Release date Aug 26th from Harlequin


carters-story-prisoner-season-2-ep1Once Broken

Kol Anderson

Available now on Amazon!

A Blog Is Born

dosomethingWhit and I recently lost our blog home. Unfortunately, we weren’t ready to stop giving our opinions on books. We found ourselves faced with the prospect of having to start our own blog or review for someone else, but we didn’t want to risk having another blog close when we weren’t done. Bravely, probably foolishly, we decided we could be bloggers.

Whit And Faye’s Fantastic Lazy Excellent Super Blog of Books was born! We wisely decided that was not the best name even though it was absolutely hilarious to us. The W.A.F.F.L.E.S blog didn’t exactly sound professional. We both threw out some names that were not very good or one of us completely hated. Finally, we cameanigif_enhanced-buzz-29175-1378874457-20 to the conclusion that we both didn’t hate It’s About The Book. A blog was born.

We have plans to bring readers reviews of both LGBTQ and heterosexual romance stories or stories with a romantic component. Who am I kidding? Stories with no romance will sneak in, too. Given the sheer number of cookbooks and cocktail books I read I’m sure there will be at least a couple of reviews of those. So, we plan on bringing you a mixed bag of mostly romance, both new releases and old.

There will be a lot of familiar faces here at It’s About The Book. Most of the reviewers we’ve got lined up have been reviewing for a while. We also plan on adding new reviewers for fresh perspectives and varying opinions.

So, after much back and forth and wandering around, Whit and I would like to welcome you to our new blog. We’re here because we like to rhelloead and discuss books. We hope you’ll like and follow us as well as join in the discussion.