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I am a nature loving, coffee drinking, slightly dragon obsessed, book loving, native Texan. I have always had a fondness for reading and some of my happiest memories are of either being read to as a child, discovering the joy of finding a new favorite book or author, or reading with my own children. When I am not working on projects with my husband or being a mom taxi, I am reading. I enjoy many genres of books with m/m romance being my favorite but also PNR, Urban fantasy and mystery

The Art Of The Heart

     Author: Dan Skinner

     Publisher: Cerberus Inc.

     Rating: 4.5 stars

     Buy Links: Amazon

     Type: Short Story

     Purchased by reviewer


Blurb:  The heartland of America in 1965 feels like the end of the road for seventeen-year-old Zac Weston. After all, there’s nowhere to go when you’re shy, gay, and a virgin. A natural artist, inspiration strikes in the form of neighbor boy Rory, and Zac’s fantasies spill onto the pages of his notebook. When Zac’s secret is discovered, it might take more than wishes to magically make his world right. Continue reading The Art Of The Heart