It’s About The People

Hi, we’re Whitney and Faye, and we’re book lovers.  We’ve been friends for a few years and have mountains of inside jokes to prove it.  Friends brought together by a mutual love of books.  Books and booze, actually.  Not that we love all the same things, Whitney is involved in animal rescue and cusses way too much, and Faye makes a ludicrous amount of ice cream when not in the gym being a sports mom.  We lead busy lives and wouldn’t be able to hold onto our sanity without books.  Books and booze, actually.  After years of reviewing at various places on the web we’ve decided to try and run a blog for ourselves.  Regardless of whether or not this leads to complete brilliance or complete disaster, we plan on approaching books with respect and the hope of loving every single one of them.  We know we won’t love them all, but it’s our aim to explain that honestly and without snark. 

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