Review: Killer Bond (Ward Security #5)

Author: Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott

Publisher: Self

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Daniel Hendricks wants a vacation. Ward Security’s accountant and resident code breaker just needs a little R&R from the chaos and usual shenanigans of the office.

But what was supposed to be a sexy vacation hook-up explodes in his face when he’s mistaken for a rogue secret agent.

Now he’s on the run with CIA agent Edward Raines from Bermuda to Barcelona to Paris as they try to find the secrets the real rogue was attempting to sell before another foreign spy does.

The chemistry between them is off the charts, but how is Daniel supposed to trust a man who had originally set out to kill him?

Review:  Daniel Hendricks finally gets to go on vacation. He meets a gorgeous man, there seems to be a real connection, and it’s not real. Well, the vacation was real. The guy? That wasn’t quite what Daniel thought. Of course Daniel wasn’t quite who Edward Raines thought either. After things go really, really wrong, Daniel is stuck working for the CIA with the guy he thought liked him for who he really is. Edward does feel some guilt for conscripting Daniel into his plans, but he doesn’t understand why they can’t enjoy themselves while they’re trying to thwart the enemy agents. Europe is gorgeous and Edward was just doing his job. Daniel decides, eventually, to enjoy his forced work for CIA. It’s not real, though. He’s not on a romantic vacation with a boyfriend. It’s all going to end and Daniel will go back to being an accountant.

I enjoyed this book, but also wanted to yell at Edward just a bit. Did he really think Daniel would be okay with finding out the only reason he was asked out was because Edward thought he was someone else? Really? Talk about an ego blow. However, not long after that I was annoyed with Daniel. Yeah, he was a bit humiliated at not being the real target of interest, but why turn down some no strings attached vacation sex? No one should have sex they don’t want to have, but Daniel dragged his drama on for quite a while.

It’s important for me when a book is about a character on vacation they are still a fully fleshed out character who some kind of home life they’ll be returning to. I liked Daniel’s conversations with Quinn and Rowe. These conversations made Daniel’s conscription feel less like a kidnapping and isolation from reality. Forced proximity is a fun trope to read, kidnapped until you love your captor is not.

This was a fun addition to the Ward Security series. It’s also a bit different. We didn’t see the usual staff and previous characters. I think I liked that? Maybe? It felt a bit less like a Ward Security book, but this book worked perfectly for Daniel.

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