Review: Diplomatic Relations (Sci-Regency #4)

Author: JL Langley

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Novel in a Series

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Dalton Fairfax, Lord Ashbourne, has always flaunted the rules of Regelence high society. Despite being the heir to the Marquess of Ravensburg and cousin to the Townsend princes, Dalton found his calling in the military, first in the Intergalactic Navy and now the Regelence Special Regiment. Finally home, in the same city as the parents he seeks to avoid along with a painful past, Dalton jumps at the chance to help his planet by taking on the role of bodyguard to the heir of the Duke of Eversleigh.

Blaise Thompson, Viscount Redding, strives to prove himself worthy of carrying on the Eversleigh legacy as the next Regelence IN council member. Maintaining his stellar reputation isn’t easy for Blaise, especially while keeping his outrageous younger brother in line and foiling his rival’s personal attacks. Ever conscious of living up to his responsibilities, Blaise has no time for romance, not even with a lusty special forces soldier.

But opposites don’t just attract… they sizzle. And when the only way to stop a scandal that threatens them both is to compromise their principles, Blaise and Dalton are forced to confront the risk of losing everything… even each other.


Review:  I feel as though I’ve been waiting for new fiction from JL Langley forever. I was beyond excited to get this book. Dalton Fairfax is home and actively trying to avoid his parents. He really wants nothing to do with his parents. He wants something to do with Blaise Thompson. Dalton manages to get himself assigned to guard Blaise. Things will go perfectly! They don’t go perfectly and Dalton even manages to hear his own father warn Blaise away from him. Dalton and Blaise manage to get themselves into some scrapes but they manage to get themselves out of them again. Slowly, they start to care for each other. They also start to notice Regelence has some serious domestic problems. As much as the interplanetary problems are fun to deal with, someone needs to take care of the stuff at home.

This book was a change from the previous books in the series. Neither of the main characters were a Townsend and all the problems were domestic. This was a look at the very ugly sides of Regelence. The poverty, political disasters, repression in the name of what’s proper, and covering up crime to prevent scandal. It’s all there in gory and glorious detail. All the gross stuff no one wants to look at when there’s dashing gentlemen in uniform trying to save the world. This made for a somewhat poignant book, but at the same time I admit I sort of didn’t want to look at the domestic issues where there were dashing gentlemen in uniform trying to save the world. In terms of world building, this book was a must. Regelence can’t exist as the veneer of a society. In terms of action and nail biting reads, this wasn’t really on the radar.

I liked this book a lot, but really didn’t like the conflict that almost kept the guys apart. Yes, it fit their characters perfectly, but it felt so hugely contrived. I mean, all books are a contrivance, but I don’t want them to feel contrived. I’m pretty sure Griff existed just to mess things up for Dalton and Blaise. But, as I said I did like this book a lot. It was a good and even needed addition to the series, which ultimately makes it worth the wait. I am now awaiting the next.

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