Review: His Beauty (Grayson & Lily)

his beautyAuthor: Sofia Tate

Publisher: Forever Yours

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: She never should have come here. Twice a week, Lily Moore comes to work for me, stealing my breath with her light and beauty and sweetness. She doesn’t know the dangerous path she’s on. All she knows is that I am a reclusive artist living on a crumbling estate. That I am scarred, broken by life. A beast . . . 

Lily ignites a hunger unlike anything I’ve known, one that could shatter the isolated world I live in. Even as I see the same longing for me in her oh-so-blue eyes, I know she belongs to another—one who does not deserve her. But it’s just a matter of time before the tension between us breaks. For this beast will have what he desires. To hell with the consequences. This is my world . . . and I will claim my beauty.

Review: This is a story based on…duh…Beauty and the Beast. Grayson Shaw is a reclusive artist with a shattered past. Scarred from the accident that claimed his parents, he’s only known solitary hardship. When a young woman takes a job cleaning his home, she accidentally stumbles into his workshop and captures his heart.

Lily knows that her relationship with her boyfriend Reed is not perfect, but the way he’s been acting is so schizophrenic. Things are so strained, and the life he wants to live and the things he and his family value aren’t what she values. He doesn’t support her or make her feel like what she does is important.

She’s getting validation from the strangest place, though. The taciturn artist she works for suddenly comes around. Grayson asks her why she loves his statue, and it opens up new conversations and a new outlet for Lily–photography.

Grayson’s decided that Lily deserves better than her abusive, neglectful boyfriend. However, the thought that he wants her is eye-opening. What in his world would have to change for Lily to want to be with him?

I love this trope and I’m always a sucker for a wounded hero. I’m looking forward to more from Grayson and Lily. Thanks

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