Review: Raise the Red Flag

Author: Eric Del Carlo

Publisher: DSP Publications

Rating: 2 stars

Buy Links: DSPP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  In an 1867 that never was, the American colonies are finally gearing up to revolt against oppressive British rule enforced by advanced technology. British airship captain Hamilton Arkwright is captured by the rebels when his vessel is commandeered. The insurgents are also aided—reluctantly—by young Jonny Callahan, a thief and ne’er-do-well who would rather carouse on the streets of New Orleans than fight for independence. When the two seemingly opposite men are thrown together on a harrowing journey across the war-torn colonies, they must grudgingly rely on each other for survival. Despite their efforts to resist, the attraction between them threatens to throw a wrench in their plans to remain enemies.

They battle their way through American guerillas and a demolition-derby-type highway to reach the decimated streets of Chicago, where British forces are preparing to commit a war crime of enormous magnitude. Though affection has grown between them during their mission, they are still on conflicting sides, and they may have to choose between loyalty to their causes and their love.


Review:   Upon starting this book I found the premise VERY interesting. What if we never won the American Revolution? In this story we did not defeat the British Army and are still under their rule. There are huge gaps in how this came to be and how society differs because of it. How did the airships and steampunk element come to be? The story starts in sinful New Orleans where anything goes. How in the world did Britain purchase or take Louisiana from the French? I couldn’t help but wonder these things. Normally I can role with the story but there wasn’t much to this one that clicked and I needed those details to make sense of it all. I think personally I would have appreciated more details about that and less raunchy sex scenes. They are graphic and at for me at times off putting. Guzzling spend isn’t a sexy picture for me but that’s my issue I guess. It is not a problem and in fact a way of life for one of our MCs Johhny Callahan.

Johnny doesn’t care about much. Whatever it takes to survive he’ll do it. He enjoys sleeping with people . If it gains him something that’s ideal. Which is how he gets forced to ensnare an American born soldier for the British Army named Hamilton. Hamilton is by far the most complex character in this story. Most are lead around by their hate or loyalty of the British Army who seems to rule with an iron fist. OR they’re lead around by their smaller brain. Hamilton is essentially brain washed and shamed into unwavering loyalty. He also hides a secret. He likes men! Which is how he’s so easily fooled. Everyone wants what Johnny’s offering. Sex! Once Hamilton and his ship are captured they’re locked away. Hamilton should hate Johnny but their attraction is just too much. They plan an escape. Go on some sex filled adventures that are fairly far fetched and fall in love. This all happens very quickly. Obviously I didn’t really like this book. Way too much sex. Insta love. Huge plot issues. Too bad really because the overall idea was intriguing.

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