Fighting Irish (The Summerhaven Trio #1) Pre-Release Blitz and E-Book Giveaway

Author: Katy Regnery

Publisher: Self

Rating: 4.5


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Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Author

Blurb: Rory Haven and Brittany Manion knew one another as children…
…but it’s been a long time since their childhood summers at Summerhaven.

The Havens weren’t the children who attended exclusive Summerhaven Camp in Center Sandwich, New Hampshire. They were the children of the owners, expected to “pull their weight” and absolutely forbidden to fraternize with the paying guests. But that didn’t keep Rory from having a quiet, unrequited crush on gorgeous, popular, insanely-rich, Brittany Manion for three tortuous summers.

When all-grown-up, recently-engaged Brittany books the off-season summer camp for her upcoming spring wedding, she immediately recognizes Rory as the scorching-hot boy who wouldn’t give her the time of day. While Rory, who senses that Brittany’s nuptials are less about Mr. Right and more about Mr. Right Now, launches the fight of his life to win the heart of the girl he’s always wanted.

Plus, for one special reader, we’ve got a giveaway E-Book

Review: Fighting Irish is a great romance about second-chance love and friends turning into more… I think this hero, Rory, may have actually edged out Cameron as my favorite of Katy ‘s male characters. He’s sweet, smart, and emotionally intelligent, and he’s just what Britt needs after her bad luck in love.

All her life, Brittany has felt abandoned by love. Her parents divorced when she was young and neither really paid attention to her. Her first marriage ended in divorce because she wanted to start a family and her husband wasn’t ready. Unfortunately, she realized he wasn’t ready to start a family with her when she saw a photo of him a year later with his new wife and baby.

Her new fiance, Ben, seems like he’d be a great dad…when he’s not excluding her from his time with his daughters and defending his ex-wife.

What’s a girl gotta do to find a decent man?

Rory’s chances of following his dreams of building a string of luxurious retreats died the day his mother had a stroke and he realized he was the only one capable of running his family’s business–Summerhaven Camp. It’s years later and he’s incorporated several of his ideas into Summerhaven but he still dreams of branching out.

Now that Brittany is there, however, maybe he should chase his dreams of a relationship with her instead?

This is a great sexy romance with well developed characters, a great natural setting, and outstanding writing. If you haven’t read any of this author, grab this book. It’s great!


Book #1: Fighting Irish (Rory and Brittany)

Book #2: Smiling Irish (Tierney and Burr)

Book #3: Loving Irish (Ian and Hallie)

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