Review: Something Borrowed (Brides of Cedar Bend #3)

Author: Lena Hart

Publisher: Maroon Ash

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Author


Blurb: Resident bad boy Jackson Matoa is not very good at expressing his feelings. Especially when those feelings include an inexplicable desire toward his brother’s widow. And if the blow from his young brother’s death wasn’t enough to break him, the guilt of his unwavering lust for his sister-in-law just might…

Despite her best efforts, Truth Richards can’t seem to make sense of her feelings for her insufferable brother-in-law. She’s certainly not willing to admit just how deep those feelings run. With one phone call, Truth finds herself returning to Cedar Bend and forcing her way back into Jackson’s life.

 Yet with the pain of their loss still fresh, can these two broken hearts borrow each other’s strength to find happiness with each other? Or will their guilt and grief push them further apart?


Review: Love and loss color this romance between two people who desperately need a second chance at love. I really enjoyed how the author walked us through the painful and delicate reunion between Truth and Jackson with empathy and compassion–but also with hope and excitement for the future they could build with each other if only they’d take a chance.

Initially when Truth and Jackson met, they had a miscommunication that had Jackson kissing her before he realized she was his brother’s wife. After they cleared up the misunderstanding, each was left with lingering feelings of attraction that they have to hide. Suddenly, Danny was gone. Truth and Jackson are devastated and unable to comfort each other because of their guilt. Truth can’t handle it anymore so she runs, leaving Jackson almost paralyzed with despair.

Luckily there was an upside for them both. When Truth gets a call that Jackson’s hurt, she rushes back to Cedar Bend to help him. Will be let her? Will they acknowledge their feelings?

This was such a surprising story to me. It has so many feelings in it: their shared love and devastation over Danny’s death. Their secret and not so well hidden feelings for each other. Would either of them ever get beyond their shame and regret and actually talk truth to each other? Sweet romance with pathos and second chances. Thanks!

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