Review: Anatomy of a Scandal

Author: Sarah Vaughan

Publisher: Atria

Rating: 5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Mystery standalone

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: An astonishingly incisive and suspenseful novel about a scandal amongst Britain’s privileged elite and the women caught up in its wake.

Sophie’s husband James is a loving father, a handsome man, a charismatic and successful public figure. And yet he stands accused of a terrible crime. Sophie is convinced he is innocent and desperate to protect her precious family from the lies that threaten to rip them apart.

Kate is the lawyer hired to prosecute the case: an experienced professional who knows that the law is all about winning the argument. And yet Kate seeks the truth at all times. She is certain James is guilty and is determined he will pay for his crimes.

Who is right about James? Sophie or Kate? And is either of them informed by anything more than instinct and personal experience? Despite her privileged upbringing, Sophie is well aware that her beautiful life is not inviolable. She has known it since she and James were first lovers, at Oxford, and she witnessed how easily pleasure could tip into tragedy.

Most people would prefer not to try to understand what passes between a man and a woman when they are alone: alone in bed, alone in an embrace, alone in an elevator… Or alone in the moonlit courtyard of an Oxford college, where a girl once stood before a boy, heart pounding with excitement, then fear. Sophie never understood why her tutorial partner Holly left Oxford so abruptly. What would she think, if she knew the truth?


Review: Who do you believe? A husband that you’ve known for many years and have invested your entire life with? Have had children with? Or an unfamiliar woman who’s already hurt you in a million ways by making public the fact that’s she’s been intimate with your husband?

Science suggests that the more attractive a person is, the more successful they will be. Is it true? Do you judge a person by their appearance? Think someone who’s attractive is smarter? Not want to believe they’ve done something wrong? Perception plays such a large part in our world that’s filled with 24/7 news. We want to believe our charismatic leaders speak the truth. What happens, though, if a truth is revealed? If a beautiful person tells an ugly lie? Does a hideous thing?

Is it true?

Through a series of flashbacks and present-day accounts, Sarah Vaughan spins a chilling tale of appearance versus reality, lies versus the truth, and where we all fall in between. Where do we draw the line,  wanting to believe but also acknowledge the unpalatable truth? Follow the author’s carefully laid bread crumbs and discover your own truth in this taut and mesmerizing tale that’s sure to keep you reading late into the night!


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