Whit’s Best of ’17

1. Home Fires (Common Law #4) by Kate Sherwood

ANY book in this series and it’s fantastic. I knew Wade and Jericho were going to be one of those memorable couples as soon as they were on page together. So much history and tension is lingering between these two. They want to hate each other but the pull is too strong. There also on very different sides of the law. I felt like I knew all about this small town setting this book takes place in. The quirky characters were amazing. I love how they all straddle the line of right and wrong at times. Each book brings more trouble the guys are mixed up in forcing the guys together to face their feelings. I tore through these books. All amazing!

2. Hexslayer by Jordan L Hawk

Every book in this series is my favorite until I read the next one. This one was spooky sit on the edge of your seat bite your nails good. I loved the MCs! Nick hates witches but it’s his personal duty to keep all the ferals shifters safe. Jamie is a witch and shockingly enough for Nick he seems to genuinely want to help Nick stop the murders. Not just trap him in a bond. Their determination to find a serial killer when nobody else cares creates a connection that goes beyond familiar and witch. Nick learns to trust in someone. Noah finds his purpose in life again and the love he’s always wanted. The eerie feeling the wraiths bring to mind still lingers with me. Loved this!

3. The Consumption of Magic (Tales from Verania #3) by TJ Klune

This book had me laughing out loud and then sobbing tears. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. We meet more dragons and the ultimately baddie in this book. Sam’s fate is learned but of course he’s determined to change it. I love how these books are full of non stop humor and action. I think only Tj Klune could make something this crazy mesh so brilliantly. Everything is set for the final book in this series and I can’t wait for it!!!

 4. Dim Sum Asylum by Rhys Ford

I love me some Rhys Ford. From page one you’re thrust right into the well crafted, action packed chaos in this Urban Fantasy. Roku seems to be able to handle whatever is thrown at him. Including a hot new partner he doesn’t want. This is an awesome mash up of magic and mystery with brilliant dialogue. There’s so much tension built into this world. Between the magical and human races and the MCs. Every page was a fascinating new possibility in the world. Loved this!

I’ve been looking forward to this book and dreading it at the same time. I knew it was going to be brutal and it was. BRUTAL but freaking amazing. Blue selling his body to survive all those years is just doing what he has to do to survive. His life is full of heartbreak but his determination to keep going makes me as the reader just as determined to push through the journey with him. This book essentially fills in all the gaps from Blue’s POV in previous books. The love and friendships he finds makes all the pain worth it in the end. I’m still surprised more people haven’t read this series of books. They’re AMAZING and must reads IMO.

6. The Shadow Mark (Lords of Davenia #2) by Mason Thomas

This is a brilliantly written fast paced fantasy. I loved Lord Mouse but this was very different. Not as much humor or romance but it’s in there. The guys are on the run for their lives from ancient curses and assassins around every turn. Kane carries the Shadow Mark. It holds the memory of something some very bad people want to stay hidden. Auraq swears by his sword to help Kane get to the capital city where his mark can be unlocked. Conspiracies, monsters and magic abound in this one. This book is the kind of intense that makes you want to join in the fight between good and evil. Fantasy lovers will love this one.




8. Junkyard Heart (Porthkennack) by Garrett Leigh

I don’t always like books about addicts BUT it’s Garrett Leigh! So of course I read it and loved it. The struggle and the pain the MCs go through without being over angsty sucked me right in. The island setting and gypsy vibe created in this world is utterly charming. Loved all the secondary characters. Then there’s the instant and AMAZING chemistry between the MCs. This one is super sexy with all the feels. I started reading this and never put it down once. Great book!!

9. Liar, Liar by TA Moore

Jacob is a thief and a liar. He steals information for a living. The book starts off with a bang as he snatches from his soon to be ex boyfriend’s company. Simon is in charge of security for his family’s business. Learning his ex may have been using him only to steal creates some understandable anger. They dynamic created between these two is explosive. The dialogue is too much fun. Their back and forth is brilliant and highly entertaining. You think there’s no chance for these two to get together but the pull is just too strong. I loved all the intrigue in this one. The characters are amazing! For sure one of my favorite reads this year.

10. Shadow Fray by Bradley Lloyd

This book was nothing like I was expecting it to be. A dark and gritty world where people will do anything to survive is created. One where those with power and money control those without it. It’s violent and raw. Justin decides to join the underground fighting club to make some much needed money for he and his sister. At one of the super secret fights he meets the champion Hale AKA Black Jim. They’re both realize they’re just pawns in a game for the wealthy to play with. When they draw a little too much attention the danger peaks. They have to take some control of their lives because something has to be change before they die. The mind games in this one call to me. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one. Things are just getting started.

Bonus Book:  Guardian (Aisling Trilogy #1) by Carole Cummings

I am a HUGE fan of Carole Cummings so don’t ask me why I left this on my TBR for so long. This book is a total mind game. The paranoia and surliness of Wil is absolutely understanding considering everyone is hunting him. His memories and powers are an unknown jumbled mess we as the reader are meant to decipher what’s going on along with the characters as the MCs try to survive a multitude of attacks from every side. Brayden starts out hunting Wil but things may not be as clear cut as he’s been lead to believe. This author’s storytelling and character development always captivate me and Guardian did just that.

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  1. Oooh – thanks for the mention AND for all the recommendations! I can see I have some reading to do…

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