Candice’s Best of ’17


  1. A Worthy Man by Jaime Reese

I loved EVERY single second of Vann and Dray! This book was about love and what you would do for it. I cried. Boy, I cried my eyes out and it was beautiful. We even got to see my book boyfriend, Cole! If you’re looking for a beautiful love story, but one with lots of heartbreak, look no further. This is the 5th book in the Men of Halfway House series.

2. Color of You by CS Poe

I was in a reading slump and just kind of thinking I needed a change in my genre and then this book showed up in my life. The writing in this story was so wonderful. I fell in love with an apple orchard and all things apple food. I HATE cooked apples. Bowen and Felix breathed life into me and for that I’m grateful. Poe is quickly becoming a go-to author for me.

3. Five Dares by Eli Easton

Easton is the only YA/NA author that can actually make me pick up the book. Somehow she makes college aged students mature and not childish. Andy and Jake were inseparable. The Jake and Andy show. Andy’s reckless, always doing some sort of stunt to get a reaction. Jake is more cautious, but always follows Andy. “I dare you.” It was fun watching these two get through life with no hands.

4. Tramps and Thieves by Rhys Ford

Once I started this I couldn’t put it down. Rook and Dante won my heart all over again! Dante would do ANYTHING for Rook and Rook KNEW he could count on Dante for anything. These two leaned on each other and it was amazing and beautiful to watch. 37!

5. Off The Ice by Piper Vaughn and Avon Gale

I’m not into sports books these days and haven’t been for quite a few years, but how could I resist Vaughn? I couldn’t. I LOVE her work and Vaughn and Gale together?! No brainer. Tristan and Sebastian just work together. I love how Tristan had no issues to call out Sebastian and Sebastian wasn’t afraid to talk about his feelings. Throw in a Grateful Dead holey and threadbare shirt reference and I was sold.

6. PS I Spook You by SE Harmon

I have three words Rain, Danny, and Ethan! Seriously, I did not want this to end. There are no words to say except, pick up this book and read it. You won’t be disappointed (if you like paranormal).

7. Who We Are by Nicola Haken

Oliver had to raise his 4 year old brother after his mom died and he’s been pretending his way through his life; pretending to be straight-ish on the streets, pretending his life is put together at his salon, pretending there’s no worries at home, pretending he’s confident and strong as Miss Tique.

Then here comes Seb and totally crashed into Oliver’s life. GAH! Seb was PERFECT! Seb was strong, open, caring, loving, and downright delicious. Seb also has a 15 year old son and an amazing relationship with Scott’s (his son) mother. The stuff that poured out of his mouth at the exact right time?! SWOOOOOON!

8. Bonfires by Amy Lane

I loved the no-nonsense attitude. They said what they felt, no hidden agendas, no drama, and no games. It was refreshing to say the least. Larx and Aaron had a special kind of bond and it was nice to see that they just clicked. It wasn’t forced, but they slid into each other’s lives with ease. I also loved the kids in this, okay, most of them. I love Amy Lane-Lite and this was definitely that.

9. There’s This Guy by Rhys Ford

It’s no secret that I love Ford’s work. She could write down her grocery list and I would probably go gaga over it, but I don’t normally cry while reading her stories. I bawled my eyes out for Jake during this. He was too good for his father. I’m so glad he had Peter in his life. I’m glad Dallas got out of that car and winked. I’m glad that Celeste asked him a question. I want to wrap Jake up and hold him. He deserves that and more.

Bonus Book: Switched by NR Walker

Israel and Sam. Israel broke my heart and Sam put it all back together. The strength these two had and didn’t realize made me smile. I only wish everyone had the courage and strength to talk to their parents the way Iz did (and with a great support system). Make sure you have your tissues next to you; you’ll need them.


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