Review: Angel 1089 (Heaven Corp #1)

Author: CC Bridges

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: A deal with the devil….

Gabriel 1089 is an angel—an enhanced and cybernetically modified human designed to protect the city in the sky called Heaven. He follows Heaven’s orders and fights its enemies. But when an attack by demons leaves him trapped on the earth below, missing both a metal wing and his network-enabled halo, he’s cut off from his home for good and at the mercy of one man.

Jeff Werth is used to demons in need of his mechanical expertise showing up on the doorstep of the junkyard he runs in Old Trent. However, he doesn’t expect to be stuck with an injured angel. Jeff owes the demons for saving his daughter’s life, so he does what they demand—he nurses the angel back to health and keeps close track of him as a possible pawn in the high-stakes war between Heaven above and the demons below. But he doesn’t expect the effect Gabe has on his heart, or having to choose between his daughter and the man he’s come to love.


Review:   I’m a sucker for a book about Angels. I like Sci Fi. This seemed like a good bet for a book I’d enjoy. And I did. The world created was pretty interesting. There was certainly a desperate abandoned feel for the lower levels. I liked a lot of the characters. What I wasn’t a big fan of was the romance. It was too sweet and quick for me. It’s also built on a lie. That struggle for the MC Jeff was intriguing. Essentially choosing between a debt that saved his daughter’s life and the Angel dropped on his doorstep. He’s beholden to the Demons who also have a small redeeming quality. They keep the crime in check in the area. People are poor and starving. That makes for some desperate characters.

Gabe the Angel decides to not call in a demon invasion and take them on himself. Yes the book starts off with a poor choice. His wings are torn from him and he’s taken to the lower levels to a tech savvy man named Gabe. The Demons demand his halo be removed and subsequently, all communication to the Angel Corp. The Demons also demand Jeff keep him at their home until they’re ready for him. Making Jeff a conspirator to Gabe’s situation. Gabe is at the mercy of Jeff and his daughter and has no idea Jeff played a part in his downfall.

I think my favorite part about this was the group of friends and their support system. They’re there for each other no matter what. The Demons although bad weren’t the BIG baddies. We didn’t get too much information but the real bad guys live up in the highest levels. Away from Earth’s surface. They’ve created a social hierarchy that has left most people behind to struggle to survive while they live in luxury. It comes at a high cost to some. The world building is great but large parts of it really aren’t explored. It could be set up for future stories? The romance was just okay. There were sex scenes or sex club scenes I certainly could have done without. Certainly good enough to check out the next one.

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