Guest Post & Giveaway: Irish/American Christmas Blog Tour with TA Moore & CS Poe

Welcome to TA Moore & C.S. Poe’s Irish/American Christmas Blog Tour! We held short interviews with MCs Jason Burke and Tom Ryan (Ghostwriter of Christmas Past TA Moore) and Edgar Royal (New Game, Start C.S. Poe) who will be answering some questions about the holidays!

What did you do for Christmas last year?

TA Moore – Tommy Ryan:

Malachite 94.5


Ask a….Deputy – Christmas Edition

Unedited Transcript: Page 1/2

DJ Kelly Daniels – This week Deputy Tom Ryan from the Malachite Sheriff’s Department is back to answer your questions about how to stay safe at Christmas this year. Last year, this was a really popular segment. So I hope you’ve still got some questions.

Ryan – Hello, everyone.

Caller. Hi, this is Vera McKinley. Deputy Ryan, what are you doing for Christmas this year?


Ryan – laughs. Planning on committing a crime, Vera? I will be working Christmas Eve, and then I’ll head down to my mom’s house for Christmas with my step-dad and his family.

Vera – Oh, give your mom my best wishes laughs. I used to work for her in summer vacation, always such a lovely lady.

*muffled in background, DJ laughs*

Ryan – She still is, Vera. I’ll pass on your best.

DJ cuts in – I know we’re a small town people, but let’s not live up to the stereotypes. Laughs Anyone out there with questions who hasn’t been to the Deputy’s house for a coffee?

Caller: Hey, why the hell would you spend time with your stepdad? Soon as I’m old enough that they can’t make me, I’ll never spend a holiday here again.


Ryan: Well, unless your stepdad is abusive — in which case you can talk to me or we can give you some helplines to call — once you’re not living under his roof things can get better. In my case, when my Dad passed I was already getting ready to go to college and my Mom didn’t marry again until a couple of years ago. So it’s not quite the same dynamic.

Caller: Still not your family though, are they? Just strangers that have to call ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’ to make him happy.

Ryan: It can be difficult. I mean, I get on well with my mom’s new husband, but his daughters and their husbands are basically strangers I met at the wedding. So it can be awkward. Last year there was a row about who had to take the turkey leg, and there were real hard feelings over that. It came up on Boxing Day again. Although that could have been the pie that my stepdad’s aunt brought…

Caller and DJ: laughs

Ryan: It’s Christmas. It makes my mom happy if I go and do my best to get on with everyone. And one of my stepsisters divorced her homophobic husband, so that makes things easier.

DJ breaks in: OK, how about a question about crime for the Deputy, huh? Last caller? We’ve got a few numbers for you, if you do need to talk to someone. Just hold on for the producer, ok?

C.S. Poe – Edgar:

Readers have expressed an interest in getting to know the translators behind the books.”


Are you sure you’re comfortable with the interview, Mr. Royal? It’s only a few harmless questions about the holidays. Nothing too personal,” Caroline said. She was the Translations Coordinator for a small publishing house I did freelance work for.

S-sure. Fire away,” I replied.

The first question is from Reader, Rose28. ‘What did you do for Christmas last year?’” She looked up from the tablet on the café table we sat at. Caroline slid the handheld recorder closer— almost like a passive-aggressive way of telling me I mumbled.

Oh. Uh. Nothing.”

Caroline made a face. “You can make something up,” she whispered.

I fiddled with the cardboard sleeve around my coffee cup. “I worked. Ordered takeout from whoever was open. I’m really not that interesting,” I admitted. “I uhm… I met… someone too.”

She perked up. “These are romance readers,” she reminded me. “They’d love to hear more, if you’re willing.”

I felt my face get hot. “Just— a guy, is all.”

What is your ideal Christmas tree?

TA Moore – Tommy Ryan:

Malachite 94.5


Ask a….Deputy – Christmas Edition

Unedited Transcript: Page 2/2

Caller: Hi. I’m Carol Yee. Last year my family’s business was robbed on Christmas Day. What is the Sheriff’s Department doing to keep us safe over Christmas? Since apparently we don’t have a full complement of deputies on duty.

Ryan: I assure you. There are plenty of deputies on duty at Christmas, we’re not short-handed. Last year we did have a series of robberies that cast a pall over Christmas for some residents. The thieves have been caught and we’ve taken steps to correct the logistical weakness in patrol patterns that they had taken advantage of.

Caller: Yeah, well I hope we don’t get robbed again. Our insurance is already through the roof. It’s ridiculous. Merry Christmas.

DJ whistles softly and cuts the line: We hope that doesn’t happen Carol, but if it does we’ll be happy to talk to you again. Next caller is Harriet Peele, who’s four years old today!

Caller: Hi. Hi, Mr Deputy, you came to our class and…and you saw our rabbit.

Ryan: Oh, yes. Your rabbit had, um, passed away hadn’t he? It was under a cupboard.

DJ splutters in background

Caller: Yes. We have…we have a new rabbit now. I have a question. My mom says that we can’t get a real tree, but I think it would make Santa feel more…more at home? What tree do you have.

Ryan: Sorry, Harriet, I have to agree with your mom. I’ve got a fake tree too. It’s just a lot easier and doesn’t make so much of mess. Last time I had a real tree was…wow…probably before I left for college. When I was your age, we used to get a real tree all the time. It was a lot of fun, my family would all go and pick out the perfect tree at the lot and we’d have hot chocolate. Thing is, one year my Dad was sick and we got a fake tree? Santa still came. As long as you have a mince pie or biscuit for him, I don’t think he minds.

DJ: OK. Well, let’s go to the news. When we come back, Deputy Ryan will give us some tips on how to keep your house safe from thieves.

C.S. Poe – Edgar:

JeanieGoodBooks asks, ‘What is your ideal Christmas tree?’” Caroline read aloud before looking up at me.

I have a fake tree,” I answered. “One of those little ones. My apartment is tiny, so I can’t fit much else.” I started to nervously peeling the sleeve off my cup. “But… I’d love a— a big tree. And real. I like the smell of pine. Next Christmas I’m going to visit LA, and even though it’s not cold there, Walter has a big place—”

Is Walter the guy?” she interrupted.

Er, yes.”

Caroline smiled. “So the plan is to get a real tree?”

Yeah. Decorate it together.”

Mind if I ask my own question?”

I— sure.”

Store bought or homemade ornaments?”

Homemade. Like the salt dough ones. I think that’d be fun to do together. And….” I cleared my throat. “It’d be romantic.”

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Author Bio:  TA Moore genuinely believed that she was a Cabbage Patch Kid when she was a small child. This was the start of a lifelong attachment to the weird and fantastic. These days she lives in a market town on the Northern Irish coast and her friends have a rule that she can only send them three weird and disturbing links a month (although she still holds that a DIY penis bifurcation guide is interesting, not disturbing). She believes that adding ‘in space!’ to anything makes it at least 40% cooler, will try to pet pretty much any animal she meets (this includes snakes, excludes bugs), and once lied to her friend that she had climbed all the way up to Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, when actually she’d only gotten to the beach, realized it was really high, and chickened out.

She aspires to being a cynical misanthrope, but is unfortunately held back by a sunny disposition and an inability to be mean to strangers. If TA Moore is mean to you, that means you’re friends now.

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Author Bio:  C.S. Poe is an author of gay mystery, romance, and paranormal books.

She is a reluctant mover and has called many places home in her lifetime. C.S. has lived in New York City, Key West, and Ibaraki, Japan, to name a few. She misses the cleanliness, convenience, and limited-edition gachapon of Japan, but she was never very good at riding bikes to get around.

She has an affinity for all things cute and colorful and a major weakness for toys. C.S. is an avid fan of coffee, reading, and cats. She’s rescued two cats—Milo and Kasper do their best on a daily basis to sidetrack her from work.

C.S. is a member of the International Thriller Writers organization.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Post & Giveaway: Irish/American Christmas Blog Tour with TA Moore & CS Poe”

  1. We made a pact before we got married that we would never spend the holidays with family–we might see them before or after, but not during the holiday. So, we just hang out and have alone time together; we don’t do anything in particular. We have a real tree that we go pick out from a couple that own a tree farm in the mountains.

  2. Last year for Christmas had a nice quite day with family. Honestly, I’d be happy to just have a quiet day without work and read some good books 🙂 That wouldn’t go over well with the rest of the family. As for the ideal tree – I’d love a real tree, but I lived in apartments for some years and had artificial ones for a long time now. I do love the whole pre-lit business TBH. Lights are always the most difficult part!

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