Review: Lace Covered Compromise

Author: Silvia Violet

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: Riptide & Amazon

Type: Short Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Adam Kingston expects to inherit his father’s multinational conglomerate. When he finds out half of it went to Nate Thomas—an annoying man whose dreams for Kingston Corp.’s future clash with Adam’s need to stave off financial disaster—Adam is furious. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to wrest control of Kingston Corp. from Nate.

Nate may be soft-spoken, but he refuses to be swayed by Adam’s arrogant demands. When Nate accidentally drops a pair of his lacy panties in front of Adam, there’s no mistaking Adam’s interest. Nate hadn’t realized Adam was bisexual, but now that his secret is out, Nate is willing to use Adam’s lust against him if it means protecting the welfare of the company he loves.

For Adam and Nate, hatred and desire are closely linked. Their inability to compromise threatens the company and could expose their tightly held secrets. But as they work together to develop a plan to save Kingston Corp., they begin to realize there might be more to their relationship than anger and lust.


Review:   To be honest I wasn’t sure what to rate this, so I just gave it a 3 and made it stick. I wanted to LOVE this, but I was kind of disappointed with it.

Adam Kingston is selfish, immature, rude, spoiled, stubborn, rich, and thinks he’s entitled. He even said that he uses his wealth to get his way. He tells people his name so he doesn’t have to wait in line to get a table at a restaurant. He thinks people should bow to him, because he’s Adam Kingston.

Nate Thomas is… I don’t know. Apparently some tree hugging hippie from what we’re told repeatedly, but I’M a tree hugging hippie and I didn’t see any of myself in Nate. That’s probably because we aren’t told or shown anything. We learn nothing about his background. Nate is also supposedly soft-spoken, but he yells at Adam constantly. I think I needed to get inside Nate’s head to understand him better. This story is told in only Adam’s POV and I think I missed out on Nate.

I wanted to know what made Adam and Nate tick. Their attraction to each other seemed to come out of nowhere and I wanted to know if Nate didn’t drop his bag would Adam still want him? They absolutely hate each other, so I don’t understand getting together. Maybe I’m not a fan of hate sex? Adam’s dad dies and in his will he leaves the company to both Adam and Nate. Rivals. How’s that going to work? Horribly. They fight so much and it made my brain hurt. Speaking of brains hurting, this was so work centered that I missed the real relationship part. I wanted them to be Nate and Adam a bit more. I adored when Nate took Adam out and made him become “human”. It put a smile on my face.

I absolutely loved Valerie. She made this book for me. The way she didn’t let Adam get away with anything made me smile, but I also loved how Adam called on her when he needed to talk things through.

I do have to say though; the kink and the sex were rather hot. I liked how toppy Nate was when you thought it would have been the other way around. Surprise!

I’m not sure if I would recommend this or not, but I’m just going to say try it. You might like it.


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