Fate Heats Things Up

Author: Sarah Hadley Brook

Publisher: NineStar Press

Rating: 2.5 stars

Buy Links: NSP & Amazon

Type: Short

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Scott Dwyer meets hot, new fireman Adrian Campbell in an embarrassing incident one evening and can’t stop thinking about him. While bartending at the local hangout for Station 39, he sees Adrian with his colleagues about once a week. He thinks Adrian might be interested in him, too, but every time they find a chance to talk, something gets in their way.

When rash of arson fires begins the same week Adrian starts at the station, the rumors fly about whether or not he is responsible for them.

Things are heating up in town, but will they heat up between the two men as well? Will Fate ever allow them to be together?


Review: This story is told solely in Scott’s POV, which would have been okay if this wasn’t so short. I needed to get to know Adrian more than I did and I couldn’t do that without being in his head.

Scott Dwyer is a 25 year old bartender at Smokey’s. It’s a bar where local fire Station 39 hangs out at since the owner is a former fireman.

Adrian Campbell is a transfer and he and Scott meet in an unfortunate event. Now, I would have liked this all to happen in real time, instead of being told how they met and what happened since the weeks went by.

I hate being told something happened in my books. I need to SEE it happening. This story felt so rushed and I couldn’t believe anything they said. I don’t know anyone who says the stuff Scott and Adrian say to each other and they met a month prior, but only spent a few days together. Well, not even together. Adrian came into the bar where Scott worked one night a week. So, while Adrian was hanging out with his friends Scott mooned over him and rarely spoke, except for the occasional “hi”.

“You are in my thoughts all day. I even dream about you at night. I know we haven’t spent a lot of time together, but I’m falling hard, baby.”

Say what now? I’d run for the hills.

“You ready to show fate who’s in charge of our destiny?”

Really? You’re going to go with that? Like I said, I’d run for the hills.

There’s a bit of drama with an arsonist, that wraps up entirely too quickly. I was actually interested in that storyline, but it was too unbelievable with the way it ended.

This was a quick and easy read while I was in the park. Nothing really to write home about, but I think it has potential as a full length instead of just 5 chapters.


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