Tea or Consequences

Author:  KC Burn

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Riley Parker: temp, twink, geek… sleuth?

Maybe Riley isn’t living up to his full potential, but being a temp executive assistant suits him. He’s never bored at work, he’s got friends who let him geek out, and he’s got a carefully crafted twink exterior… which might be getting constrictive now that he’s on the other side of thirty. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s comfortable.

It all unravels when he takes a job working for a tea-obsessed cosmetics queen, the owner of Gautier Cosmetics. During the launch party for a new product, Riley finds his boss dead under suspicious circumstances, and the homicide detective is none other than Tadeo Martin, Riley’s high school obsession who never knew he was alive.

Tad drafts Riley to get the scoop on the inner workings of Gautier, and for Riley, it’s like a drug. His natural inquisitiveness is rewarded with more and more Tad. Unfortunately, his snooping puts him in the running for two other roles: suspect and victim. The killer doesn’t care which.


Review: Riley Parker is an administrative assistant that works specifically for senior executives. He works for a temp agency because he gets bored easily and likes to move around a lot. He had just been working at Gautier Cosmetics for 3 weeks when he finds his boss dead.

The detective that is on the case is none other than Riley’s high school crush Tadeo Martin, or Tad now. Riley is stunned stupid in the first interview, but who wouldn’t be after finding a dead body, when he first sees Tad. He plays it cool like he doesn’t know who he is and answers all his questions.

Now at this point I think I’d quit. I mean if I could get hired on at a different company through the temp agency there’d be no doubt about it. I’m gone. But, no, Tad not so bluntly asks Riley to snoop around and get the inside scoop of the ins and outs of the place. Really?! Sorry, but that’s Tad’s job. Riley being nosy though accepts the offer of sleuthing for him.

Next thing we know Tad and Riley are on a date and yes it was a date! Poor Riley doesn’t know what’s going on and Tad is leading him around like a puppy.

I really wished we could have gotten Tad’s POV, so I could know what was going on in his head. I needed that because all I know is that I thought Tad was a jerk. But, I’m sure he wouldn’t have been if I knew was going on in that brain of his.

There was definitely more of the case here and less romance and I wanted more romance. The whodunit was nice, but I didn’t feel the connection between Riley and Tad because they were working too much.

I also wanted more interaction between Riley and Jonathan. I think Riley should have made him grovel a little more than we saw. I could have used more of THAT story and less of the Gautier Cosmetics one.

Overall, this wasn’t my favorite KC Burn, but it did keep me guessing.

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