The One Thing I Know

Author: Keelan Ellis

Publisher: NineStar Press

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: NSP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Talented studio musician, Henry Cole, is offered the dream job of touring with popular rock band, the Vulgar Details. Things aren’t all rosy, though, as he is hired to replace Dell Miller, creative force behind the band, who recently flamed-out in a car accident.

Henry is all too aware that he’s no replacement for someone like Dell. He’s not the only one who feels that way, either. Terry Blackwood, band front man, has been giving him a hard time even before the tour start. He seems to resent Henry’s presence beyond all reason. What Henry doesn’t know is that Terry and Dell’s relationship was both intensely close and fraught with conflict.

Terry’s grief over Dell’s death is overwhelming and threatens to destroy not only the band but his life. It doesn’t help that the new member of the band makes him feel things he doesn’t want to. Worse, when he sings, Henry sounds just like the man Terry cared so deeply for.

With so much at stake, everything could come crashing down around them and mean the end for the Vulgar Details. Or, just maybe, Henry and Terry will find the one thing they need most.

Sometimes redemption comes from the last place you expect to find it.


Review: Henry is asked to step in as a substitute while one of the brilliant but tortured band mates named Dell goes to rehab. Henry has no interest in being a rock band. He likes his job of studio work. His friend convinces him that this is a once in a lifetime chance to tour and perform so he does. Dell leaves rehab and wraps his car around a tree leaving everyone lost and in limbo about the future of the band. Henry becomes the target of the front man Terry. Terry goes off the rails partying and flaunting groupies around. Despite Terry being a jerk Henry helps him and sees the pain and need in Terry. They hook up a few times before Terry hits rock bottom and realizes he needs to go to rehab before he ends up like Dell.

I didn’t think this book was rich in details from the time it’s supposedly taking place in the 70s. I honestly wouldn’t have known until a comment 100 pages in. Given the major struggle of the book is that the guys are afraid to come out or be exposed as lovers I think this was a problem for me. It explained some of Henry and Dell’s over the top moments of panic. Dell wasn’t ever even in the book and he was the most fascinating of all the characters. Terry’s character starts off as an awful person but ended up being my favorite. The book starts off as a typical rock star book with lots of parties and over indulgence. Then morphs to a pretty sweet love story where the guys work on trusting each other and dealing with the fear of being exposed. Terry is still struggling with the death of Dell. It’s very much a personal growth story. Despite some of the heavy topics in this book I do think it has a quickie easily resolved vibe going on. I liked the couple but never felt invested in their outcome. If you like rockers this one is worth the read. There were moments that captivated me some of the secondary characters were intriguing. Overall a pretty good read.

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