Windward (Mirror #2)

Author: Kirby Crow

Publisher: Bonecamp

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Grant’s new-found happiness with his submissive Matty is shaken when he learns that Jaeger Koning, fugitive assassin and Matty’s ex-Dominant, has returned to America. Over Grant’s objections, Matty accepts the FBI’s request to assist in the capture, but Jaeger is always one step ahead of them, and Grant discovers too late that Jaeger’s true goal is to reclaim Matty.

*This gay contemporary HEA romance is approximately 73,000 words, contains graphic sex, and is intended for mature readers. Book 2 of the series. TAGS: Bondage themes, romance, true love, HEA, story concludes.


Review:  Grant and Matty are together after their ordeal with Jaeger Koning. They’re together, but it’s not all that great. No one’s needs are being met, and Grant’s family has created a dysfunctional living arrangement for everyone. Matty isn’t perfect and no one is letting him forget that. When the FBI asks Matty to help find Jaeger it’s not only a good way for Matty to begin healing after the giant mind game he went through, it’s a convenient way to get away from living with Grant’s family. Meanwhile, Jaeger has his own plans. Matty doesn’t just get to leave him. Matty is perfect for Jaeger, therefore Jaeger gets to keep him. Obviously, Matty and Grant disagree, but Jaeger is crafty and has no qualms striking in a place Matty feels safe. Neither Grant nor Matty are going to let Jaeger win.

Everyone learns something in this book. Grant, Matty, Jaeger, and especially the reader. Grant knew a lot about what had happened to Matty, but he didn’t necessarily know all the who, what, and why details of what went down. The who in some cases is really important. Super duper important. Matty had been dealing with a lot more than Grant realized, and Grant was actively making the situation worse by trapping Matty in a dysfunctional home. Matty did learn why Grant’s home life was a total mess and why it was so hard for Grant to admit he can’t live in that environment anymore. Jaeger learned Matty will never be his possession again. Jaeger sure did try, though. Matty learned he can deliver a killing blow to someone he deeply loved.

I adore that a character like Andie exists in this book. In any book. I especially love that a character this unreservedly unlikeable is a woman. Jaeger is a sociopath, a murderer, and a kidnapper, but he’s almost sort of likable. I felt sorry for Jaeger in some ways. Andie is just mean. Given two choices on how to behave she will pick the wrong one almost every time and it is awesome because she is real. Real Jaegers exist, but most everyone knows at least one Andie. We learn life has given Andie lemons. Really bad, rotten lemons. Life has not been kind to Andie at all, but she screams that life give her more lemons then doesn’t understand why she keeps getting lemons. I have read well crafted villains and mediocre villains. Jaeger is a good villain, but Andie is who we have to deal with in our everyday lives. Andie makes this book real. So many of us, probably too many of us, have been in Grant’s position of wanting to help someone who has had more than her fair share of lemons and needing to keep himself and his loved ones emotionally safe. Grant and Matty don’t have the luxury of catching Jaeger in a vacuum. Much like in the real world, the good guys have a home life that’s just as messy as ours.

This book is a solid follow up to Meridian. It is also very much a follow up. I wouldn’t recommend anyone pick this up without having read Meridian. And it appears there is at least one more book in this series. I don’t want to be spoilery or anything, but I will say Andie is alive at the end of this book. Things aren’t done.

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