The Well

Author: Marie Sexton

Publisher: Self

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Short Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Twenty years after prom queen Cassie Kennedy is brutally murdered, six teenagers break into the house where she was killed to hold a séance. Haven knows his cousin Elise only wants to scare the crap out of him and his friends, but he’s willing to put up with one of her pranks if it means a chance to spend a few hours with the new kid in town, Pierce Hunter.

But when morning comes, Elise has disappeared without a trace.

Twelve years later, Pierce and his twin brother Jordan are professional paranormal investigators, starring in their own ghost-hunting TV show. When Pierce calls Haven, insisting they return to the supposedly haunted building one last time, Haven reluctantly agrees. He’s nervous about seeing Pierce again, but he’s determined to get some answers. Did they really speak to Cassie’s ghost that night? What happened to Elise? And the biggest mystery of all – how did she know the secret of the well?


Review: This book was so good! It’s spooky and thrilling. I found myself a little creeped out while reading it. It centers around a small town. Like most small towns any tragedy makes an impact. When a young girl is murdered on prom night years before it leads to all kinds of spooky stories about the house she died in. Local urban legends type of thing. This is what leads a group of teenagers to that same house one night. Haven’s cousin loves this type of thing. Her goal is to scare them all. The outcome is much much worse.

I think what will make this book have such an impact on the reader is you feel everything as the MC Haven does. You have doubts like Haven does. You’re torn between believing in the haunting and excusing it. Wondering what happened to Elise the cousin. The pain and confusion that comes with not knowing.The writing is great. I was totally sucked into this book fully. Every page I was left anticipating something. You know it’s coming and the Marie Sexton does an amazing job of keeping me on edge. Hugging my pillow in the dark while turning the pages. I had to know but I was also afraid to know. The love story is a what could have been type thing. What could have been had my cousin not disappeared and they suspected your brother of murdering her type of thing. Yeah. It’s complicated and then some. There’s so much history built into this book. The guys feel the chemistry upon their reunion right away but there’s so much lingering there between them. I liked the reality show and small town murder mystery aspects of the story. The book does jump from past to present. I know this can frustrate people but the way it’s written in this book builds some wicked tension. I absolutely recommend this book. The story flows but there’s so many layers to pick apart to get to the end. I loved it!


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