Score (San Francisco Thunder #1)

Author: Victoria Denault 

Publisher: Forever

Rating: 5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel in Series 

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: He’s used to winning, but now he’s playing with his heart.

Jude Braddock. Hockey god. That’s how everyone sees him now. But when they were teenagers, Zoey knew him as the kid who didn’t have enough nerve to make a move on their one and only disastrous date. Seems he doesn’t have that problem anymore, though. According to the rumors, he’s with a different woman every night. After a rough divorce, the last thing Zoey needs is more heartbreak. But Jude’s cocky, playful attitude is mighty hard to resist.

Jude knows he isn’t built for long-term relationships. But he’s getting sick of women pounding on his door in the middle of the night looking for a rematch. When Zoey comes back into his life, it’s like fate has given him a second chance. He’ll do anything to make her happy again. Is this what love looks like? He has no idea. All he knows for sure is that this time, he’s playing for keeps.


Review: Who knew the king of dick pics would come to rue the day his private parts headlined in social media? Jude enjoyed his lifestyle and high attention diet of hot and cold running puck bunnies. What happens, though, when a woman from his past–the one who got away–returns in a big way? Is he man enough to change his lifestyle for her? Find out in this furiously hot romance with all the trimmings.

Getting divorced was hard enough for Zoey, but the humiliation she feels when her credit card’s declined in front of her old crush. Yikes! Her soon to be ex is a total a$$ but that didn’t make it any easier explaining to Jude. What had happened to the husband who’d put her up at the Four Seasons and told her to stay as long as necessary while they worked out their amicable divorce.

Jude was tired of getting crap publicity because of some bad behavior in his past. Having his sister working PR for the team doesn’t help–he’s getting it at the office and at home. He’s also still bothered by his friend and teammate Levi’s behavior. It’s guy code that you don’t date your friend’s ex-girlfriend. If you decide to do it, however, don’t be a douche and do it behind his back.

It also doesn’t help that he cheated on his ex and that’s why they broke up.

So when he sees Zoey and realizes she’s available, he’s leery about her hearing about his less than honorable behavior. He really wants to pick up where they left off, literally!

Can Zoey get past the fact that her husband pawned her off because she couldn’t get pregnant fast enough for him? That he’d more than likely cheated on her? A fast and sexy fling with Jude would do wonders for her flagging self-esteem, but falling in love with him would make her a fool after all he’d done.

I loved this book–obviously. If you like romances with heat and swagger, grab hold of this. It’s great!

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