For A Good Time, Call… (A Bluewater Bay novel)

Author: Anne Tenino & EJ Russell

Publisher:Riptide Publishing

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: Riptide & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Thirty-seven-year-old Nate Albano’s second relationship ever ended three years ago, and since he’s grace—gray asexual—he doesn’t anticipate beating the odds to find a third. Still, he’s got his dog, his hobbies, and his job as a special effects technician on Wolf’s Landing, so he can’t complain—much.

Seth Larson, umpteenth generation Bluewater Bay, is the quintessential good-time guy, content with tending bar and being his grandmother’s handyman. The night they meet, Seth’s looking for some recreational sex to escape family drama. But for Nate, romantic attraction comes before sexual attraction, so while Seth thinks they’re hooking up, Nate just wants to talk . . . genealogy?

Dude. Seriously?

So they declare a “just friends” truce. Then Seth asks for Nate’s help investigating a sinister Larson family secret, and their feelings start edging way beyond platonic. But Nate may want more than Seth can give him, and Seth may not be able to leave his good-time image behind. Unless they can find a way to merge carefree with commitment, they could miss out on true love—the best time of all.

Review: Seth Larson didn’t expect to get shot down so hard when he and Nate Albano decided to take their conversation someplace more private. Nate realizes he should have handled that better. Nate apologizes to Seth and explains he’s gray asexual and how the rejection wasn’t personal. Seth and Nate agree to be friends and Seth is aware sex isn’t on the table. Seth is part of an upstanding local Bluewater Bay family. They have an image to maintain. They founded the town, you know. However, Seth and his grandmother are paying the price for maintenance. Nate and Seth look into Seth’s family history and the history of Bluewater Bay in an attempt to get Seth and his grandmother into a more comfortable situation. As they work together Nate begins to see Seth is a really great guy. He’s curious and a Jack of All Trades and he’s fascinating. Seth has never had an actual relationship. He’s lived his life hooking up when he’s in the mood for sex. When things get serious in the relationship as well as Seth’s family situations neither man handles himself well. They both need to take a look in the mirror and figure out what are real problems and what are overreactions.

I had problems with this book. I liked both Nate and Seth well enough, but I was frustrated by the major hole in the plot about Seth’s family drama. Probate court is a thing. Grandma’s situation in front a jury would be Uncle Kirk’s worst nightmare. I enjoyed reading the antics Seth and Nate got up to in an attempt to resolve the situation. However; I did find myself speaking aloud to my e-reader, “Just call an attorney!” Because, you know, the characters are going to listen (They didn’t.). I did have another issue but I don’t want to spoiler, so I’ll complain vaguely about a big reveal then that whole plot string gets left dangling and unresolved. There’s lots of foreshadowing and build up then… nothing really happens there.

One of Seth’s big issues is wanting to be accepted as is. Seth’s a bartender. It’s not a situation of tending bar until he finishes a degree and starts his real job, he’s a bartender. He likes it. He likes creating cocktails. He can take care of himself and he’s enjoying himself. Why isn’t that enough? No really, why isn’t that enough for people? This was my favorite aspect of the book. While this question was resolved between Seth and Nate, it’s presented in a way that lets the reader wrestle with it on their own.

Yes, I had issues, but this book is perfectly readable and quite a bit of fun. If you’re looking for a laugh this is a good rom com for you. Both authors are good at both romance and comedy and both those areas of this book are rock solid.

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