Witches For Hire (Odd Jobs #1)

Author: Sam Argent

Publisher: DSP Publications

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: DSPP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: All recovering drug addict and witch Jeremy Ragsdale wants is to shamble on to the next job without any disasters. Instead, the temp agency saddles him with a fellow witch who hates him, an Amazon one violent outburst away from deportation, and a knight from another world as his boss. Even worse, their jack-of-all-trades magic business stumbles upon a conspiracy to kill Desmond the Great, Atlanta’s sexy star magician. Jeremy must prevent it without letting his colleagues know that he not only has ties to the energy vampires behind the plot, but that his past misdeeds might have instigated the attacks.

Despite Jeremy sporting a suit and tie like a good witch, his lies snowball to bite him in the ass. The lack of trust brewing between him and his teammates could cost Desmond his life and Jeremy his progress on the straight and narrow path if his secrets are revealed. Because no matter how much Jeremy has reformed, there’s still enough bad witch in him to kill anyone who messes with him or the people he cares about.


Review:  I absolutely LOVED Sebastian: Family of Lies so of course I was super excited to see a new release coming out by this author. While I can’t say I loved this book quite as much it was still a very imaginative and entertaining read. The book is told from multiple POVs. I know some people don’t like this but I always like to get into a characters head so for me this worked. There are a lot of characters and world building to keep track of but I honestly had no problem. I was engaged from the first page. This world consists of basically everything paranormal or magical you can think of. Shifters, witches, creatures, ghosts, other worlders…..the possibilities are endless.

There are multiple MCs in this book but Jeremy seems to be the main guy. He is a very powerful witch with a very special gift. He and his coworkers have strikes against them. Meaning they’ve done something deemed questionable by the council in the past. His coworkers consist of a fellow witch with a grudge against him, an Amazon woman and a Knight from another world as a boss. They’re essentially magical private detectives for hire. Throughout the book we’re taken on wild adventures that are the day to day lives of these characters.

There’s also a love story. It takes awhile to make itself known because Jeremy fights the attraction and need to be with Desmond with everything he can. They’re former lovers who had something horrible happen because of their magic. Something that Jeremy can’t seem to get past but Desmond persists because he knows they’re meant to be. This relationship is frustrating but worth the struggle. There’s an undeniable attraction but there’s so much anger and guilt mixed in there as well. When the guys do get it on we learn about a magic exchange between them that just amps up their chemistry. Desmond’s character is also crazy powerful. He’s sort of the rebel witch in town. Together they’re a formidable pair. It’s just a long and volatile process for them to get it together.

I liked all the characters. They’re all flawed but gifted in their own ways. They clashed at times and Jeremy is secretive which drives everyone crazy. Despite it all they formed a good team. I enjoyed how complex the mystery aspect of this book was. We learn little pieces of what went down to cause all the chaos about to storm down on them throughout the book. There’s tons of action. Lots of humor. AND lots of steamy moments between Jeremy and Desmond. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more!


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