Every Trick in the Rook (Birds of a Feather #3)

Author: Marty Wingate

Publisher: Alibi

Rating: 5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel in Series 

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: Julia Lanchester’s perch is knocked askew when murder hits a little too close to home in this delightful cozy mystery.

“Marty Wingate’s Birds of a Feather mysteries provide a perfect blend of quirky characters and atmosphere.”—Christine Goff, bestselling author of the Birdwatcher’s Mystery series 

Julia Lanchester is flying high. She’s nesting with her boyfriend, Michael Sedgwick, and she’s found her niche as manager of the tourist center in her picturesque British village. Thanks to all her hard work, visitor traffic was up—way up. Her reward is an even more hectic schedule. Michael’s busy, too, traveling all over as the personal assistant to Julia’s father, celebrity ornithologist Rupert Lanchester. With precious little time together, Julia’s romantic weekend with Michael can’t come soon enough.

 But the getaway is spoiled when Julia’s ex-husband is found murdered on her boss’s estate. And after a witness reports seeing Michael near the scene of the crime, the press descends, printing lies and wreaking havoc. To protect Julia, Michael vanishes into thin air, leaving her to pick up the slack on Rupert’s show and track down the real killer—even if it means putting herself in the flight path of a vicious predator.


Review: Honestly, the rook sold the book in this new-era cozy by Marty Wingate. The timing was precise, the characters vibrant and alive, and the setting perfectly rural English life. The series has always been good, but for some reason this one struck me in the heart. Some loves are meant to last a lifetime, and others are not. You move on and hopefully find one that sticks.

What happens when a threat comes in the shape of an ex? Disturbing the fault lines of a new relationship still prone to nerves?

Like the kindergarten game telephone, a message gets rather garbled when it’s passed from mouth to mouth. Things have finally settled down for Julia and Michael. However, receiving an email from her ex-husband Nick agitates Julia, and finding out that Michael had received one as well was off-putting. What did he have to talk to them about? Why did he need to speak to both of them?

They were going to have to guess because Nick’s body was found in the Summer House on the Fotheringill estate. Now Julia was going to have to solve two mysteries: what did Nick want, and who would ever kill him?

There’s the usual kerfluffle about Julia poking her nose in police business, but there’s also the paparazzi that show up, looking for a deliciously dirty scandal about a love triangle between Julia, Nick and Michael. Michael takes it on the chin and decamps to his old digs, hoping to lure the journalists away. Unfortunately this unsettles their relationship while adding the burden of filling in for Michael at her father’s birding events.

Add in a delightful little girl with a pet rook that saves the day and you’ve got a mystery, a romance, and a sweet happily for now. Great series that I highly recommend!

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