Deep into Trouble (Unbroken Heroes #3)

Author: Dawn Ryder

Publisher: St Martin’s Press

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel in Series 

Provided by Publisher

Blurb: Desire is more dangerous than anything in Deep Into Trouble, the next Unbroken Heroes novel from Dawn Ryder.Saxon Hale lives for the hunt—taking down the bad guys, stopping them dead in their tracks. His latest mission has him in New Orleans, where people go for the party that never ends. But fun is the last thing on Saxon’s mind now that he’s a breath away from closing in on a vicious overlord known only as the Raven. Until an innocent young woman unknowingly enters the very deadly game…

Ginger Boyce is a librarian who’s growing tired of being so buttoned-up on the job, and when she attends a conference in the Big Easy, she decides to taste the wild side of life. But when her dance with darkness becomes lethal, she’s in dire need of protection—and ends up in the embrace of a man who radiates danger and desire. Soon Saxon finds himself Ginger’s shield against an enemy whose power they haven’t yet begun to face. But will he be able to keep his mind on his mission while the very woman under his care drives him beyond distraction?

Review: Librarians have gotten a bad rap. Ginger Boyce knows she fits into the mold, but here in New Orleans she’s ready for some sassy fun. Until she decides to dress up like the stripper Kitten she and her friend had met the night before. She’s determined to bring Kitten the signed book they’d promised her–plus see a bit more of the New Orleans night life. Unfortunately, trying to find her led Ginger to a very bad place.

Hasn’t Marc Grog been dead for two years?

When Ginger goes into the back alley room looking for Kitten, she finds Marc Grog instead, along with A crowd of lowlife gangsters who work for drug kingpin Raven. Who’s also there, killing one of his men who’d made a mistake. Right in front of Ginger.


Now, we know Ginger didn’t expect to see Marc Grog, much less a murder. If Agent Saxon Hale can’t get her out of there fast enough, she’ll be next. She’s their only shot at getting Raven. She’s the only one who knows who he is. Her life expectancy is now being counted in hours, not years.

Combine a hot town, a cast of cool characters, smoking chemistry and a lot of humidity? You get the Agent and the Librarian, kicking butt and taking names.

Dewey decimal style.

Read it for the fun and fire! Thanks

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