Author: Adrian Randall

Publisher: DSP Publications

Rating: DNF

Buy Links: DSPP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  In a postprivacy future, secrets are illegal and all communication is supervised. Telepaths are registered and recruited by a government with no qualms about invading the minds of its citizens. Fugitive psychics are hunted by the Bureau of Counterpsychic Affairs, or Countermind.

Alan Izaki is one such fugitive, as well as a hacker, grifter, and thief.

Countermind agent Jack Smith is hunting him through the twisted underbelly of Hong Kong.

But Alan possesses a secret so dangerous and profound it will not only shake Smith’s loyalties, but the foundations of their society.

And Alan isn’t the only one on the run. Rogue psychic Arissa binti Noor escapes Countermind, in search of brilliant game designer Feng Huang. She hopes that together, they can destroy the government’s intrusive Senex monitoring system.

Their goals seem at odds, and their lives are destined to collide. When they do, three very different people must question their alliances and their future, because everything is about to change.


Review: I thought I would love this book. I kept waiting for that moment that would hook me but it just never came. I pushed on because I almost never quit reading a book. I want to like everything I read no matter how unrealistic that might be. I go into it hoping it’s amazing. Countermind ticked so many of my boxes I was sure I’d at like it. I’m fascinated by anything Hong Kong. The shadier the better for me. Then there’s a little sci fi and tech elements. Special abilities are one of my favorite things to read about. Secret government agencies? Yes please! Guys from opposing sides coming together. YES! However none of that could hold my interest. I know. Surprised me too!

This book has multiple POVs. Some more engaging than others. The story is delivered in pieces from all those POVs. I’ll assume it was all building up to something. I kept waiting for a moment when things started to come together. AND I kept waiting and waiting. I put the book down and made myself pick it up for days. I told myself the next chapter something was going to happen. Then I just gave up. I hate doing that but there’s only so long a person can hang in there. I generally enjoy figuring out the mysteries with little nuggets dished out to me. That type of thing usually has me turning pages. The thing was I never got enough. I was jerked here and there with POV changes that never satisfied me. Never helped me settle into the story.

The other thing that keeps me going is some kind of connection to the characters. This book had intrigue but somehow I never actually cared about it. So bizarre for me. I’m totally nosy. Alan’s character was somewhat interesting. His paranoia was well written but his day to day life became monotonous. Which is silly considering he’s in constant danger. I had a hard time writing this review because I don’t know if at 72% something amazing happens that could have changed everything for me. Then I thought after reading over 100 pages if I still have no clue who these people are or what’s going on and don’t care either way why bother. If I sound a little bitter I am. I really wanted to love this.


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