Author: Cari Z

Publisher: NineStar Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: NSP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  Cillian Kelly can look into people’s eyes and see their fates. He’s running from a past filled with mistakes, lying low and selling his services on the sly. When he learns that Sören Egilsson, a man who sacrificed himself so Cillian could escape imprisonment two years ago, is somehow still alive, Cillian has to find out how. What he gets is the body of the man he loves possessed by an ancient spirit who draws Cillian into a battle to the death for the right to control Sören’s fate, and the power that comes with it.


Review:  I was loving this from the first few pages. The story is told from Cillian’s POV. He’s got a very interesting gift. He can see people’s futures of sorts. He’s discovered a way to manipulate things to a certain degree. His gift is rare and something other people will do anything to have at their disposal. Cillian has to keep a low profile for that reason and therefor works for some seedier types. He’s a good guy but has to make some money in shady ways sometimes. Cillian harbors some serious guilt over the death of a man. He was once kidnapped for his gift. Cillian did the only thing he could to escape. He seduced the captor’s son. Leaving him that mad man’s hands knowing he helped Cillian escape haunts him. Cillian thinks the son Soren is dead. Then he sees a man in an article that looks exactly like Soren. His conscious compels him to make things right. To find Soren if that is indeed him. What he finds gets him mixed up in a mess of curses, gods and old spirits.

I really liked this book. I thought I’d have issues with the third party inhabiting Soren’s body thing. I admit to not doing well with threesomes. Cillian makes it well known he’s not interested in messing around with the possessor at all. I wasn’t fully connected to the couple because we don’t get a lot of page time with Soren and Cillian. Ultimately I think that was my biggest problem with this book as far as the romantic story line. Cillian’s gift was unique. I don’t know if I fully understood how it all worked but never the less I found the good vs. evil theme interesting. There’s a possession and curses. Magical gifts and elements. Very intriguing characters. A cross country escape/road trip filled with danger. Some funny moments. Some sweet moments. I liked the underworld of magic people dynamic. Despite the romance not being totally consuming I did like the couple and wanted them to finally get their chance to be together. Cillian’s character was absolutely captivating. I loved so many of the secondary characters. HATED the baddie. This was a really good story I’d absolutely recommend to those who like Urban Fantasy.


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