The Craving

Author: Z. Allora

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: The craving is an undeniable urge that drives K’Dane citizens to find their life mates—if only to sate their uncontrollable physical longings.

Thrilled at being named a Chosen, Phoenix Dotir leaves K’Dane to become an artist-monk who will create dimensional art capable of changing worlds. Living by the monastery’s Principles of Purity will surely help him overcome the craving. But he never accounted for star chaser Zadra Solav.

Zadra doesn’t believe in rules and makes his own future. Fate separates him from the man he loves, but one touch renders him helpless to his own desires. Bonding with a monk is forbidden, and Zadra’s family sends him to deep space to avoid disgrace. Unable to give up, Zadra must find a way to reunite with his Chosen.

Tormented by enforced separation, Initiate Riva Quinton struggles with his vow of chastity and risks all to rescue his lover. Together with his Eros, he stows away onboard a star craft to follow his heart.

Four men defy destiny and tradition for love… but their love is a crime punishable by death.


Review:  This book starts out fairly interesting. It is listed as an erotic romance but the first half there’s no sex. The second half there’s lots of sex. This is a sci fi story that takes places over many planets. All the different planets has their own ideas of societal norms. In this book a lot of it seems to revolve around sex and relationships. What they all seem to have in common is a reverence for art. Through art some beings bring about magical elements that those in power on covet. Such as enhance sex and happiness! So IF you are a chosen one or are deemed to be outstanding in art you are sent to be a monk. Monk’s are chaste and their lives are to be dedicated to their leader. It’s all kind of complicated so I won’t really try to lay it all out. Anyway most of our MCs are either Chosen or sent to the Monastery school to learn to excel at their art for the greater good.

I was actually surprised how much I liked this book in the beginning. The love story between Zadra the strong Star Chaser and the Phoenix the Chosen starts off with a forbidden but budding love story that sucked me in. There’s some yummy tension and obvious affection between the two. I was sad when they were ripped apart. I was totally invested in their story and them bam. I’m inserted into a different couple’s story. Don’t get me wrong. I liked the second couple as well but by the time we got back to Zadra and Phoenix I’d lost some of my interest. All the stories mesh together and the guys become friends. Then the book just gets convoluted honestly. There’s some preachy moments about what how everyone has different ideas about what relationships should be. Some creepy stuff where boys are raised to join old rich men’s harems. Some sexist moments where women are banished from society. Yes they addressed this might change in the future. AND how everything seems to revolve around sex and art. It was just all too much for me. Kind of out there where I apparently didn’t want to be. There was an HEA for the MCs. For me this could have been more enjoyable if it were two books about the two couples. Maybe smaller doses of the lengthy descriptions of art and how it transcends in this world might have helped me enjoy this book more. I don’t know. Maybe this just wasn’t for me. I did like certain elements of it enough to want to try out a different book by this author. The relationships were well written and some of the world building was interesting.

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