Hipster Brothel

Author: K.A. Merikan

Publisher: Acerbi & Villani ltd

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links:  Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: — The lumberjack of his dreams is now available for rent. —

Mr. B has always been a safe guy for Jo to crush on. He’s the cutest bearded lumber-god to salivate over. Add to that his friendly, outgoing personality, and Mr. B might just be the first guy Jo would be willing to kiss. Fortunately, Mr. B has been in a relationship for years, and Jo is no home-wrecker.

But when Mr. B breaks up with his partner and all of a sudden is single, available, and talks about his plans to be sexually adventurous, Jo isn’t so sure anymore if he has the guts to come out as bisexual.

After a sour breakup, Mr. B wants to show his ex that he’s independent, exciting, and can do very well without him. His best friend Jo is there to the rescue, and they come up with a great new business venture. One thing they lack to start their own line of artisanal boozy jams – money for the investment.

After a drunken brainstorming session, Mr. B finds a way to both gather the cash and show the middle finger to his ex. He will create a one of a kind Hipster Brothel – The Lumbersexual Experience – offering wood chopping lessons, pipe smoking, and a reclaimed wood bed where the magic happens. It’s bound to be a success… if only Mr. B can go through with it, because the mixed signals from Jo are making him wonder if his best friend is as straight as he always seemed.


Review:  Jo and Mr. B are best friends. When Mr. B breaks up with Mr. A Jo goes over with baked goods to console him. As they drunkenly plan the rest of Mr. B’s life, Jo continues to hide the crush he’s had on Mr. B while Mr. B decides to make money for his plans via prostitution. It’s not the best thought out plan, but it sure will show Mr. A that he can too be adventurous! Jo and Mr. B plan a lumbersexual experience. When Jo sees Mr. B in that setting it’s more than he can handle. They have a lumbersexual experience. As friends, they don’t handle the transition in their friendship well. It takes a while to find a new normal. The new normal is very different from what Jo has been used to his whole life. Radically different. No one knew about Jo’s bisexuality, not his family and not his past girlfriends. Despite being somewhat sure he won’t lose his home or livelihood because of who he loves, Jo still has a lot of fears about coming out of the closet. Jo also has a lot to prove to Mr. B about his prospects as a good boyfriend.

Being vulnerable is scary. Fear isn’t a logical emotion. Jo is pretty sure he’s not going to be murdered, beaten, or even shunned because he’s bi. That doesn’t matter. He’s afraid and his fears are valid. Meanwhile, Mr. B doesn’t even seem to realize how vulnerable he’s making himself by offering himself as an escort. Sex workers get beaten, raped, and murdered pretty regularly. And he’s only taking these risks to prove to his ex he’s adventurous! One guy is terrified to push the limit even for love, and another is eager to push the limit out of spite. Jo and Mr. B come to terms with realistic and healthy limits and how to have a meaningful relationship in the process.

I found it interesting both Jo and Mr. B had to evaluate who they were before they were able to enter into their relationship. Jo had to come to terms with the fact he’ll still be Jo regardless of whether or not he’s Jo with a girlfriend or Jo with a boyfriend. Mr. B had to figure out who he was in the absence of Mr. A. For years Mr. B had been part of a couple, he had to learn to make decisions that weren’t a reaction to Mr. A.

This book is charming. It’s plausible enough if you squint, but the plausibility of a lumbersexual experience at a hipster brothel really isn’t the point. This book is about self-reflection and personal identity as well as realizing who our actions do or don’t benefit and identifying the things in our life that are worth working for.

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