Author: Marina Ford

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Standalone Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Friday, 23 January

The cat funeral.

Yeah, that happened today. I went and participated in—aided and abetted?—a cat funeral.

London life is tough on idealists. In an ideal world, after years of flirtation, Leo would be cosily settled down with Jack, his long-time crush. In an ideal world, Jack wouldn’t now be engaged to a woman. And in an ideal world, Leo would move on.

When handsome new neighbour Alex moves in opposite Leo, an opportunity to do so presents itself. But Alex is working class, poorer than Leo, and probably straight. While Jack’s engagement unravels, and Leo’s friendship with Alex deepens, will Leo manage to find happiness with the right man? Or will he succumb to his enemies: self-doubt, family expectations, and pride? 

Told in diary form, this is both the story of a love triangle in London and the chronicle of a man’s struggles to confront his self-image and overcome his insecurity.


Review: This was a fun read with very charming characters. The story is told from POV of Leo, a British professor, in diary form. I know that would normally make me hesitant but once I settled in it all worked for me. I’d also never read this author but I liked this book enough to make sure I watch out for whatever she writes next. It’s sweet but not too sweet. Funny and engaging. I liked it a lot.

Leo is a bit of a snob but a mostly likable one. He had his moments where I wanted to smack him. Alex is adorable! He’s seriously the nicest guy. The guys go from friends to lovers. Which is exactly what he needed after his self absorbed crush strings him along. There are some problems stirring however. Leo comes from money. His career path is academia. He wants to travel. Alex is a personal trainer. Something he loves but he doesn’t make enough money for all the things Leo wants to do and isn’t comfortable with having his way paid for. Their different views on this cause a major blow up. The reasoning behind this left me with a bad taste in my mouth in regards to Leo. I felt he was totally in the wrong. Yes his feelings are valid but you don’t get to look down on someone for not matching your ambition to be more when they’re happy as they are. The way it’s spun makes it seem like him being a pompous jerk forces Alex to want to be more. This is literally the only problem I had with the book. It ends happily but thinking back it still bugs me. The rest is lovely. I read it in one sitting.

Leo’s friends were a lot of fun. I think they helped balance out Leo’s serious career driven side. Particularly his promiscuous loud mouthed friend, Lucy. OMG the back and forth with her and Leo was almost as satisfying as the page time with Leo and Alex. She cracks me up! I laughed out loud quite a few times reading this book. The dialogue is witty and engaging. Leo’s thought process was very entertaining. At times he’s a mess. He’s also frustrating! I really enjoyed this book. The love story is sweet and the guys are super sexy together. Definitely worth picking up if you love a British love story with some laughs. I recommend it.

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