Whit’s Best of ’16

1. A Kind of Romance by Lane Hayes

I still think this is my favorite Lane Hayes book yet and I LOVE her books so that’s a huge thing. Benny and Zeke are opposites. Zeke is a workaholic with daddy issues and hang ups about how gay men should act. Benny is fabulous and unapologetic about it. A forced set up brings them together. Their dynamic clashes in the best most explosive way. I was totally smitten with this couple. Zeke grows so much in this story. The push and pull are deliciously torturous. I adored this book!

2. Hexbreaker by Jordan L Hawk

This book is a brilliant mix of magic, shifters and intrigue with a historical feel to it. There’s an interesting twist on prejudices. The way they effect relationships and social standings within the community. The witch familiar concept lends itself to some interesting pair ups. It promises power but also makes the familiar vulnerable. I loved Tom and Cicero as partners and as a couple. I’m still totally impressed with how cat like the author manages to make Cicero feel. The mystery is compelling and will keep you on edge the entire book. Another amazing story by Jordan Hawk.

3. Sky Children by AM Daily

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book after the first book Lacuna. There was so much despair and pain in the first book I thought surely this one offered a little bit of hope. The second installment opened up a whole other world. Or many of them! This isn’t the end for Blue, Mikas and Caden. It’s more of a new beginning with limitless possibilities. New complex characters and mind blowing revelations. The journey continues thank goodness.

4. Mad Lizard Mambo by Rhys Ford

This series is fantastic! It’s action packed. Full of danger and brilliant madlizardmambofscharacters. The mashed up the Fae world and human mean anything could be around the corner. In this book vicious creatures are hunting the guys. Kai is still prickly but lovable. His status as a loner is getting harder and harder to hold onto with all the great characters that obviously have his back. I’ve been dying to know more about his past and MLM delivers! There’s more to come and the next book promises a major clash with the Fae court. While this is not a romance there is a romantic story line. I’ll admit I’m obsessed with it but it’s more of a slow burn. I can’t freaking wait until the next book is released. Gimme!


5. Wolfsong by TJ Klune

This book was INTENSE! It’s kind of all consuming. I don’t think I did much for the two days I spent listening to this book because it had my entire focus. There’s something about the very distinct POV of Ox that elevates the story. This book is not your typical shifter book. It’s so so much more. Gut wrenching and beautiful. Wolfsong is an emotional rollercoaster that literally left me speechless. It’s epic and awesome indeed!

6. Tournament of Losers by Megan Derr

tournamentoflosers400This book had a fairy tale feel to it which I really enjoyed. It’s all tempered in a little grit as to not come off too sweet. The MCs are flawed but lovable. I loved every minute of their page time together. The teasing back and forth left me smitten. I liked the forbidden love angle. The struggle with their very different social standings. Rath stumbling through the tournament was so much fun to read about. Rath and Tress’s stolen moments made them all the more poignant. Everything here worked for me. I loved this book. It’s my favorite Megan Derr book to date.

7. Smoke & Mirrors by Charlie Cochet

After reading the first few chapters I could finally breath again after the brutal cliffhanger from the previous book. For me this book delivers on answering some questions that had been building since the beginning of the series. Some are still dangling out there. It also manages to open the door to so many new plot points for future books. It’s action packed. Intense and emotional. Sexy as hell! I can’t really ever get enough Dex and Sloan. Of course this was a favorite.

8. The Queen & The Homo Jock King By TJ Klune

This book though…it’s everything! Probably my most anticipated Queen&theHomeJockKing[The]LGbook of the year and it exceeded any expectations I had for it. It’s hilarious. More outrageous than Tell Me It’s Real I think but Paul and Vince are in this one too so it’s like a huge bonus. There’s so much depth to the characters however. Sandy and Darren take the enemy to lovers thing to a whole new level. It’s a sexy, funny and heartfelt story. I can’t express just how much I love this book! I don’t know how Tj Klune comes up with this stuff but I’m so happy that he does.

9. Power Play by Avon Gale

Misha ends Max’s NHL career with a vicious but clean check. Years later they’re hired as coaches to the same hockey team. There’s a lot of guilt and some animosity to work through but they have a job to do. There’s also a strong attraction. One that they struggle to deny. I liked how you think you know where the story is going and then it goes a little deeper. The guys are opposites but ultimately compliment each other. Plus it’s hockey and Avon Gale! Hell yeah I’m going to love it.

10. The Mystery of Nevermore by CS Poe

I really liked this book. It’s a fun and quirky murder mystery with brooding cops and tons of literature references revolving around the crimes. Seb’s complete disregard for his safety and Calvin’s orders of staying out of the investigation make for nonstop entertainment. It also forces our MCs together creating some witty banter and delicious tension. Lots of interesting characters. This was the first of a very promising series I’m looking forward to reading more of.

Wildcard: Kage Unleashed by Maris Black

I binge read this trilogy. I raved about it to all my friends right away. It was like book crack. So hard to put down! Kage is like a storm. I totally understand how Jamie couldn’t resist him. I know that sounds cliché but Maris Black does just that. It’s an obsession. His relationship with Jamie probably isn’t totally healthy but their chemistry is undeniable and it works for them. It’s volatile and messy. Explosive! This book gets the favorite of the series because we get Kage’s POV and OMG does it change everything. This was probably one of the sexiest things I read last year. It’s not just the sex it’s the need and emotion between the MCs that explodes off the page. Such an amazing intense read.


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