The Trouble with Dukes (Windham Brides #1)

troubleAuthor: Grace Burrowes

Publisher: Forever

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Novel in Series

Provided by Publisher


The gossips whisper that the new Duke of Murdoch is a brute, a murderer, and even worse–a Scot. They say he should never be trusted alone with a woman. But Megan Windham sees in Hamish something different, someone different.

No one was fiercer at war than Hamish McHugh, though now the soldier faces a whole new battlefield: a London Season. To make his sisters happy, he’ll take on any challenge-even letting their friend Miss Windham teach him to waltz. Megan isn’t the least bit intimidated by his dark reputation, but Hamish senses that she’s fighting battles of her own. For her, he’ll become the warrior once more, and for her, he might just lose his heart.


Review: I really enjoy Grace Burrowes’ historical novels, and this one featured the family I’ve fallen in love with–the Windhams. This latest in the series features one of the Windham sisters. Megan, was a smart, sweet heroine battling against not only societal pressures but her family as well. She didn’t really want to get married to the man her family was pushing on her–but she was caught between a rock and a hard place. Sir Fletcher, her erstwhile suitor, was blackmailing her with some very incriminating letters that–if exposed to society–would certainly ruin her reputation.

Hamish McHugh was a former Scottish soldier who’d earned the sobriquet the Duke of Murder because of a terrible incident on the battlefield. An unexpected but not desired Dukedom is suddenly handed down to him and initially, he’s disposed to refuse it. Cooler heads prevailed (his two sisters), and suddenly, they’ve all got to travel to London to take care of the legalities and for his sisters to have a Season.

Hamish is already inclined to dislike society because of the English “gentlemen” he’d met while serving and because of his normally taciturn nature. Add to that being known as the Duke of Murder? He can hardly abide it. Luckily, he finds among his sister’s newest friends an attractive and able companion who can guide him through the morass of the English nobility.

At first, his ignores his attraction to her, but when it appears that Megan needs help, his protective nature rears its head and he’s caught up in actions that could jeopardize everything.

Megan is attracted to Hamish but fears that she doesn’t have a choice. She can’t let Sir Fletcher ruin her family so what other choices does she have?

Lush and intoxicating, the romance between the misunderstood Duke and the Windham that tames him is multi-layered and hard to resist. If you enjoy historicals with romantic suspense thrown alongside a pair of lovers finding love in spite of their problems, this book is for you. You’ll cheer them on and hope that love will save the day! For readers who are new to Burrows and The Windhams, this book works well as a standalone. I would always encourage that you read the previous ones-they’re well worth it! Enjoy!

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