Bite Night (2016 Advent Calendar “Bah Humbug”)

Author: Clare London

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Short Story

Provided by Publisher 


Blurb: Creatures of the Night and Santa’s Christmas duties don’t mix. Every myth and bedtime story tells you so.

But on Christmas Eve, when the Elves walked off the job over pension rights, it was time for me—Irwin, the only vampire on Santa’s payroll, despite recent diversity initiatives—and my trusty team to help out. Just deliver a few parcels, Santa asked me. Just help out on your local patch. Just for one night.

Armed with my reluctance to face all that human sentimentality, and accompanied by a wise-cracking werewolf and an unruly fairy with a taste for vodka, I did my best. Honest.

But we were heading for disaster until I came face-to-face with cute babysitter Benny. It’s Santa’s Number One Rule—no interaction with the clients. But Benny somehow managed to upset my appetite, inflame my libido, and restore my faith in the Christmas spirit, with one cheeky smile and a tasty body piercing.

It’s Christmas, and the show must go on!

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2016 Advent Calendar “Bah Humbug.”


Review: Irwin is filling in for the elves on strike delivering presents for Santa on Christmas Eve. Irwin is a vampire. His team also consists of a mouthy wolf shifter and a drunk sprite. After entering another home his team is discovered by a Manny named Benny who just happens to have a thing for vampires. Hooking up with clients is forbidden by Santa but Irwin can’t seem to resist a taste.

This was a fast paced short story full of holiday fun. The dialogue is non stop hilarity. The use of supernaturals as Santa’s helpers was totally unique. Benny’s reaction to Irwin was super sexy. Irwin isn’t a dark vamp by any means. He’s a nice guy without many opportunities to hook up on the North Pole so he grabs Benny when he practically offers himself on a Christmas cookie platter. This book was a quick fun read for sure!

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