Cursed Miracles (2016 Advent Calendar “Bah Humbug”)

Author: Meg Harding

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3.5 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Novella

Provided by Publisher 


Blurb:  Two hundred years ago on Christmas Eve, William Mashinter was frozen in time, cursed by his wife to roam the world on his own, waiting for the love of his life to find him. The love of his life, whom she killed. Time hasn’t healed this wound, and William is tired of the happy holiday and the constant reminders of a love that’s been taken from him. But then the impossible happens, and maybe… maybe he can get a new Christmas perspective.

Brady Gallagher has lived three different lives, always aware of the first and most important, yet unable to find the man who will fill in the missing pieces and let him know he’s not crazy. He encounters him at a work event, of all places, but is he willing to throw everything else to the wind and embrace the miracle laid out before him?

A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2016 Advent Calendar “Bah Humbug.”


Review:  William and Brady had been together a long time before William married Jennifer. They continued their affair despite the marriage. Jennifer was not an overly kind woman, and William was unhappy in his marriage. Then things went really wrong. Brady ended up dead and William ended up cursed to live a life without Brady. Brady was cursed to live countless lives and remember each, knowing his true love was still out there somewhere. Two hundred years later William hates Christmas. He’s stuck at a work party and thinking of Brady. During his speech one of the caterers drops a tray. When William looks up to see the commotion he sees Brady staring back at him.

This story was charming. William was a vaguely tragic figure who finally gets the love of his life and a time in which they can live together as husbands. You get all the pageantry of a historical tale with all the freedom of a contemporary. My big hang up was the fact it was written in present tense. I found it to be quite distracting and could discern no good reason for it. For me, the tense overshadowed what was otherwise a sweet tale of two people finally getting their lives back on track after waiting multiple lifetimes.


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