My Song for You (Pushing Limits #2)

Author: Stina Lindenblatt

Publisher: Loveswept 

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel in Series 

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: In a poignant romance from the author of This One Moment (“Hot, intense, and filled with emotion.”—Rachel Harris), the rock stars of Pushing Limits have hit the big time. But fame gets tough when love presents a fork in the road.

At twenty-one, Jared Leigh had been prepared to give up the life of a touring musician to be a father after getting his girlfriend pregnant. When she told him that she’d gotten an abortion, Jared was devastated. Now at least he has the groupies to keep him company—until a blast from the past rocks his world.

Callie Talbert hasn’t seen her sister’s ex since high school. But after Callie bumps into Jared while she’s grocery shopping with four-year-old Logan, there’s a spark that wasn’t there before. Jared quickly realizes that her deaf “son” is the same age his own child would have been. When Jared demands to know more about Logan, Callie panics. There are things she just can’t tell him. Besides, Jared’s a bad-boy rocker, not a dependable father figure. He’ll move on to his next gig soon enough . . . right?

Trouble is, Jared refuses to be pushed away, and the more quality time he spends with Logan, the more he’s captivated by the woman Callie has become. When the truth is revealed, Jared only hopes that the three of them have what it takes to become a real family.


Review: While this story was in no way as complicated as some of the mysteries I’ve been reading lately, it appealed to onme greatlinn in a very different way. It was sweet and honest and very loving. I also appreciated the little boy–what a cutie! Read it if you’re looking for something heart warming and satisfying.

Callie has spent the last three years of her life subsumed with her nephew. She’d been devastated by the car accident that had taken her sister and both her parent’s lives, leaving only her nephew Logan alive. So they’d buckled down to the life she could provide for him, especially since a bout of meningitis had left him deaf, only able to hear with cochlear implants.

She’d kept her sister Alexis’s secret about Logan’s father. But when she runs into Jared in the grocery store, it’s only a matter of time before someone will figure it out. Callie also realizes her long buried feelings for Jared might be discovered, so she’s desperate to get away.

Of course fate didn’t get them together only to allow her to escape. Read about the serendipitous way Jared not only realizes he has a son, but how he also realizes his feelings for his ex girlfriend’s sister–his childhood best friend and the woman his son calls Mom.

I liked it for the uncomplicated way it all unfolded, and I enjoyed the sweet romance. Thanks!

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