Dream Maker (Nashville Nights #2)

Author: Erin McCarthy

Publisher: Loveswept 

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel in Series 

Received from Publisher


Blurb: The bestselling author of Heart Breaker returns with another sultry Nashville Nights novel of country hits and stolen kisses, as a one-night stand turns into the beginning of an irresistible partnership.

Shane Hart loves the ladies. Like hit records, he can never have too many. Shane swore long ago never to treat a woman the way his abusive father treated his mother, but his traumatic past has kept him from making any solid commitments—even to a fiery redhead like Avery O’Leery. Shane’s happy enough to rescue her from a tight spot, but that’s as far as their connection goes—until their unforgettable liaison has him rethinking his impulse to love ’em and leave ’em. 

Avery has big plans: first, shake the dust of small-town Kentucky from her boots; second, become a bona fide songwriter; and third, keep the truth hidden about her birth father from everyone in Nashville. Nowhere on that list is she supposed to land in bed with a sexy stranger who rescues her off the street at midnight, especially if that stranger is Shane Hart. Avery’s trying not to fall for the dreamy music producer who could make or break her career. But her best-laid plans seem to be no match for a love that feels like destiny.


Review: I’ve always enjoyed Erin McCartney’s writing style and this new Nashville based series is full of promise to play out well. The sex is hot and the characters are cool players in the music scene that seems to percolate in that town. Avery has left Kentucky and her mom to strike it big in the home of country music and she’s got big plans to become a songwriter.

Things didn’t start out so well, though. Her boyfriend Ben has proven himself to be a good for nothing cheater, and she wasn’t thinking about her next steps when she jumped out of the truck without her purse and her duffle bag of clothes. What in the world is she going to do now?

Shane was used to being able to attract women whenever he wanted, but he wasn’t feeling it that night at the bar. Leaving to go home, he opens the door only to find himself the unwitting witness to a fight between a cute redhead and a guy in a truck. When the truck drives off, he’s left with a spitting angry woman.

He’s intrigued, he’s attracted. He wants to help her out. More than that, though, he wants her for himself. Why is he having all these feelings for a stranger he just met?

So much to untangle and even more to reveal, this story about two people whose souls matched was extraordinary and enchanting at the same time. I can’t wait for the next in the series! Thanks

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