Campbell’s Redemption (Highland Pride #3)

Author: Sharon Cullen

Publisher: Loveswept

Rating: 4.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel in Series 

Provided by Publisher 


Blurb: In a tense, seductive novel from the USA Today bestselling author of Sutherland’s Secret (“[A] story of love, loyalty, and honor.”—Library Journal), a Highland chieftain and a beautiful young widow are reunited by deception and desire. 

With Cait Campbell hiding Scottish fugitives from the British crown, who should arrive wearing his English-style coat but Iain Campbell, the traitorous clan leader and the man responsible for her husband’s death. Iain seeks a healer for his fallen kinsman, and out of a sense of duty Cait is obliged to help. Her uncanny ability to read people is powerless against his dark, impassive gaze, yet Iain is kind in a way that moves her.

In Cait’s company, Iain is overcome by painful memories of his best friend, her husband, who died protecting him. But grief shows weakness—a luxury he cannot permit, because Iain is playing a dangerous game with the British army. One small misstep and he could be branded a traitor or executed as a spy. But even with political tensions mounting to a fever pitch, Iain can’t get Cait out of his mind. What he doesn’t know is that Cait is playing a deep and deadly game of her own, and their love could put everything—even Scotland itself—in peril.


Review: This last of the historical Scottish trilogy by Sharon Cullen involved the most interesting of characters, Iain Campbell. Romance, political intrigue and lingering memories of the past created stumbling blocks in the path for Iain and local healer, widow Cait Campbell.

Cait’s life started out very rocky. Her mother and father had been members of rival highland clans, the Grahams and the MacGregors. Their marriage had been forbidden, and their love so deep that when her mother died while giving birth to her, her father had killed himself from despair. That left a baby girl who spent her time divided between her Graham and McGregor grandfathers until she met and married John Campbell. Of course, neither of her grandparents agreed because the Campbells were yet another clan that wasn’t theirs. After John’s death while protecting Iain, neither family stepped up, so she moved out of her home-based moved into a small cottage, and stayed as healer to the Campbells.

As Iain works toward keeping peace between the Scottish clanspeople and the English, his feelings for Cait began to grow as they draw closer to each other. As she heals both Campbell clansmen and Iain himself, Cait begins to get over her grief and anger about John’s death and starts understanding her complicated feelings towards Iain.

When threatened by an Englishman, Cait gets in desperate trouble. Will Iain destroy his deceptive facade and rescue her?

Luscious scenery and historical detail play along with a romantic suspense story based on the always contentious relationship between England and Scotland. Thanks for the wonderful conclusion to the trilogy, Sharon!

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