Why I Love Geeks (Why I Love… #1)

Author: TA Chase

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating:  3 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  New York City Homicide Detective Chuck Davidson is a guy’s guy. He likes sports, beer, and classic cars—fancy gadgets, not so much. When yet another high-tech phone goes on the fritz, he knows he needs help, and he meets a man who loves technology as much as he hates it—cute but awkward biochemist Herbert Pommerset.

Herb’s never been with a man—not even on a date. He hides behind his research, daydreaming about what it might be like to find someone special. A malfunctioning phone causes his path to cross with a sexy older detective, and Herb wishes he’d spent less time studying science and more learning how to flirt, because he can think of some experiments he’d like to conduct with Chuck. None of his considerable intelligence is helping him express his desires to the other man.

Just when it seems they might overcome their differences, Herb’s research puts him in danger. He’s made a discovery that could cost him his life, and Chuck must use his very different talents to rescue the geek he’s coming to love.


Review:  A story about a geek and a big buff cop falling in love pretty much calls to me. I’ve also enjoyed books by this author previously so this sounded like a good bet for me. Parts of this story kept me entertained but the love story and plot left me underwhelmed. To be fair this is very much an insta love story and I generally don’t like those. It’s possible that’s why I couldn’t get into the couple. I prefer a build and in this book the couple meets once. Sparks fly. They part ways and then fate intervenes because the cop named Chuck’s sister just happens to work for the geek Herb. The sister who doesn’t realize they’d met before sets the guys up at one of their weekly family dinners. Herb had horrible rich parents who neglected him. He has no experience with so many traditional things. He’s socially awkward. Spits out things he shouldn’t. Talks to himself. He’s very vocal and interested in doing anything sexual or physical with Chuck the hot cop. Chuck finds all that charming and their chemistry is irresistible so the guys jump into a relationship. A dead body proves to have a connection to Herb’s workplace and their paths are once again are enter twined in the form of an espionage type murder mystery.

Like I said there were moments of this book I found interesting. Some of the espionage made me want to read more but ultimately it just wasn’t compelling. It takes a strange turn with the experiment someone is trying to steal. I liked the family dynamic between Chuck’s family and how Herb reacts to them. There are also some pretty funny moments. I just never could get into the couple. It was all too easy. Their awkward flirting was cute at first but lost it’s appeal as the book goes on. If you’re into insta love stories with tropes you might like this one. I know I’ve read books I really liked by this author before so it could just not be my type of story.

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