Mistletoe Cottage

Author: Debbie Mason

Publisher: Forever

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel

Provided by Publisher


Blurb: ‘Tis the season for love . . . 

Sophie DiRossi loved growing up in Harmony Harbor. But after fleeing in disgrace many years ago, it is the last place she wants to be. Left homeless by a fire, she’s forced to go back to the small coastal town that harbors a million secrets, including her own. Sophie sees this secret reflected every day in her daughter’s blue eyes-and she must keep it hidden from the only man she has ever loved.

Sophie’s return is a shock for everyone . . . especially Liam Gallagher. The firefighter had some serious feelings for Sophie-and seeing her again sparks a desire so fierce it takes his breath away. Now Liam will do whatever it takes to show Sophie that they deserve a second chance at love, even if everything they’ve concealed threatens to keep them apart. In this special town at this special time of the year, Sophie and Liam can only hope for a little holiday magic . . .


Review: This was a wonderful, enchanting read about a small town Christmas. There are so many secrets in this story–some even being kept from the heroine! Everybody gets a surprise as Christmas nears and thoughts turn to home and family.

Sophie had left Harmony Harbor after getting her heart broken, and for eight years she’d lived in LA. Luckily she’d gotten a gift with purchase–her daughter. She was fudging Mia’s age so that they wouldn’t think she’d left town pregnant, because she really had.

Now, Sophie is on the run from a huge mistake in California. She’d trusted her mother to watch over Mia and it had ended in a bad way. Mia was so traumatized she wouldn’t talk. Moving home to be with the rest of her family was a chance for something new, as well as mending a rift from the past. Finding solace in her work as the new manager of Greystone added to the happy feeling of being home. Would she be able to make the hotel successful again?

Firefighter Liam Gallagher had had a crush on Sophie for years, but she was his best friend’s sister. And anyway, she’d dated his cousin Michael…or so he thought. When she came back to town he was eager to befriend her again and the attraction was instant. But would a relationship work, now that Michael was out of the picture? Liam wasn’t in such great shape himself since he’d been shot in the line of duty while fighting a fire. In fact he’d come home to Harmony Harbor to recuperate. So why was he trying to start a relationship?

So we’ve got a secret baby, a woman in the run frightened she’d lose her daughter, and last but not least, we’ve got some ghosts who are watching over Sophie, Liam and Mia. Good things come true in this book about keeping the holiday in your heart. Thanks

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