The Tinder Chronicles

Author: Alexa Land

Publisher: self-pubbed

Rating:  3.5 stars

Buy Links: Amazon

Type: Collection

Purchased by Reviewer


Blurb: Tinder’s world is black and white, good and evil clearly defined. The young vampire hunter was taught to hate his enemy with a passion, and hating them is easy since they killed his entire family. His attraction to Bane, a gorgeous, mysterious vampire, contradicts everything Tinder believes in, but the heat between them is undeniable. As the vampires rise up and hunters become the hunted, Bane may also be Tinder’s only chance for survival. Maybe the world’s not so black and white after all.

Part paranormal thriller, part M/M erotic romance with a generous dose of humor, The Tinder Chronicles includes the complete 3-volume series: the previously published and re-edited novellas Tinder and Hunted (approx. 25K words each) and the novel Destined (approx. 60K words). NOTE: contains explicit language and graphic sex. Intended for ADULTS ONLY.


Review:  This is a collection of 3 stories. I was hooked after the first book. The love story and plot picks up in the second story. Sadly the final book takes a dramatic and sappy turn that didn’t leave me loving The Tinder Chronicles.

In the first book we meet Tinder. Tinder comes from a long line of vampire hunters. Vampires have killed his family in their quest to eradicate vamps leaving Tinder the last of his bloodline. Tinder is angry and lives each day like it will be his last because the chances are good it will be. He’s risky with his body because sexual pleasure is the only release he allows himself. He sleeps around. A lot! On his latest hunt with his only friend who he randomly sleeps with, he encounters a warehouse full of vamps. Vamps in this world don’t usually travel in pairs. To find this many in one place sends up red flags. Of course Tinder goes in stakes blazing and gets himself pinned down. This is where his long time vampire foe Bane blasts on scene. Bane is an old and wicked powerful vampire. Tinder hates Bane but Bane flirts with Tinder right before he stakes him to the wall. As the trilogy continues Bane and Tinder fight their hate and attraction for each other. Tinder is determined to discover why the vamps are congregating in his area. Tinder is a very good vampire hunter but this fight may be too much for him to keep up his loner status. He gets the other vampire hunters in California to help him fight the impending vampire vs hunter war. The big question is, why is Bane helping him?

So the first installment was great. I was transported into the fight between vampires and hunters. I got a good sense of the carelessness Tinder regards when it comes to his safety. It sets the scene for the next book. Creates lots of confusion and sexual tension between Bane and Tinder. Loved the first book. I was pretty much smitten with Bane from the first few moments of him on page. I was compelled to pick up the next one right away.

The second installment things get sexy and emotional between Bane and Tinder. Tinder lets his guard down and accepts people into his life for the first time in years. Attachments are dangerous in his line of work. This part of the book is mostly about Bane and Tinder discovering there’s more to them than just sex. Bane has loved Tinder for years. We get to know more about Bane’s long life also. There’s some good character development. Tinder and Bane are a forbidden type of love at this point which makes their alone time together so much more intense. We get to know some interesting secondary characters that help Tinder out. I really liked this entire thing.

The third installment takes an unfortunate turn IMO. I didn’t like this part. It basically turns Tinder the angry loner vampire hunter into a Mary Sue type character. Everyone wants Tinder or cares deeply for Tinder. He cares for them all as well. Part 3 was missing the grit and tension that helped me enjoy the first two. There’s a lot of things thrown into this part of the story. Some fit. Some left me wondering how that developed the story line.Tinder and Bane get sickly sweet together. I honestly think if it wasn’t for part 3 flipping to a romance heavy angst driven drama fest I would have loved this trilogy. If you like angst and vampires you might still love this book.

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