The Necessary Deaths (The Delingpole Mysteries #1)

Author: David C. Dawson

Publisher: DSP Publications

Rating:  3.5 stars

Buy Links: DSPP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb:  A young journalism student lies unconscious in a hospital bed in Brighton, England. His life hangs in the balance after a drug overdose. But was it attempted suicide or attempted murder? The student’s mother persuades British lawyer Dominic Delingpole to investigate, and Dominic enlists the aid of his outspoken opera singer partner, Jonathan McFadden.

The student’s boyfriend discovers compromising photographs hidden in his lover’s room. The photographs not only feature senior politicians and business chiefs, but the young journalist himself. Is he being blackmailed, or is he the blackmailer?

As Dominic and Jonathan investigate further, their lives are threatened and three people are murdered. They uncover a conspiracy that reaches into the highest levels of government and powerful corporations. The people behind it are ruthless, and no one can be trusted. The bond between Dominic and Jonathan deepens as they struggle not only for answers, but for their very survival.


Review:  Dominic is a lawyer from London who is thrust into his neighbors drama. Her son is in a coma in another town and the circumstances as to why aren’t clear. It happens to be the same town Dominic’s somewhat secret lover Jonathan lives. So he offers to give her a ride as he’d like to visit Jonathan anyway. He becomes intrigued by what really happened to her son. All the stories seem to be conflicting. She asks him for legal help and he agrees. What starts out as a probably OD turns out to be a murder mystery. One that nobody seems to be safe from.

I liked this story. Necessary Deaths is a thriller and murder mystery with gay main and secondary characters. There’s a romantic relationship between Dominic and Jonathan but the sex is fade to black. While they’re cute and romantic together this is not a romance. Their relationship may not be for everyone. Dominic isn’t out to the world at the beginning of the book. More because he’s kept his private life hidden for so long that it’s more habit to do it now than anything else. He’s also not sure of taking the next step with Jonathan. Jonathan expressed from the beginning he likes to look and be with other men on occasion. It makes Dominic both jealous and turned on at times. I liked how subtle this struggle within Dominic is. It creates a tension that the overall love story was lacking since both men are open about their affection for each other. I’m not usually a fan of this type of relationship in my stories personally but this one worked for me. Jonathan added a lot of levity and spark to an otherwise monotone and serious book.

There’s a large cast of intriguing characters that keep the story moving and the plot twisted. I had no problem keeping up with them all. There are multiple POV changes throughout the book. I think part of what’s different and charming is that Dominic doesn’t really solve the mystery. It’s kind of a group effort between new and old friends mostly by stumbling upon things with hints found here and there. The major point is they can’t ask the one person who knows everything because he’s in a coma. I did think the ending was a bit far fetched but it made for an interesting read. It for sure made me hate the baddies! There was also no real resolution to what happens to the baddies on the list either. Maybe it’s coming in the subsequent book? There’s so much political intrigue it just seems that handing over the list wouldn’t necessarily mean all those caught will be punished right away. I’ll definitely be reading the next one to find out.

Necessary Deaths is a thriller and murder mystery with gay main and secondary characters. There’s a romantic relationship between Dominic and Jonathan but the sex is fade to black.

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