Unlucky in Love (Whisper Creek #4)

Author: Maggie McGinnis 

Publisher: Loveswept 

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel in Series 

Provided by Publisher 


Blurb: From the author of Once Upon a Cowboy (“Sexy, charming, and perfectly heartwarming.”—Lauren Layne) comes another sweet novel of the Whisper Creek Ranch, where sizzling Montana men melt the most stubborn hearts.

After Alexis Maguire’s wedding day comes and goes without a groom, she decides that it’s time for a change. Tired of being the dependable, steady—and apparently boring—one, Alexis hopes that a cross-country road trip will help her loosen up and find her inner sparkle. Her first stop is the Whisper Creek Ranch, where the hot wranglers are sure to bring out her inner party girl. The trouble is, she can’t stand pretending to be someone she’s not—especially around the cowboy who tempts her to stay put.

Gunnar Peterson has spent six months working at Whisper Creek, and he’s never been happier. Having grown up an army brat, he’s ready to put down roots, and the only thing missing is a woman to share his life with. When Alexis blows into town, Gunnar thinks he may have met his match, despite the wild-child facade he sees right through. But Alexis swears she won’t settle down anytime soon—so it’s up to Gunnar to convince her that what she’s looking for . . . is right here.


Review:  What a great new addition to the Whisper Creek series! We all know how gorgeous the cowboys are there, and the scenery’s not bad either with all the gorgeous mountain views. The combination might be too much for school nurse Alexis, who comes for a summer job but winds up getting so much more than a souvenir. She may just have found the love of her life.

Alexis really needed a change of scenery and attitude. At home in Maine, she’s the daughter who does the caretaking for their hypochondriac mother while her sister Katie ducks as much as she can. After getting stood up by her fiance Tristan in a letter two weeks before their June wedding, she’s desperate to get him back. Thinking of all the times she’d avoided going mountain climbing or on an adventure with him out of fear, she’s determined to become the outgoing, athletic Alexis she’s sure he wants. The nursing job at the dude ranch would be the perfect place to unleash her inner party girl/daredevil; and sending him the evidence of her crazy times would be sure to have him running back to her, right?

Gunner is thrilled to be back at Whisper Creek ranch. He’d traveled all over as an army brat and was finished with it. He was ready to settle down, save enough to start his own horse business, and build a house right there on the Whisper Creek property. So why is he so drawn to Alexis? She’s sweet and kind and something in her calls out to him, but she’s from Maine and would be leaving in eight weeks. It was crazy to think she’d stay for him when her home was so far away.
The more time they spend together the faster they fall in love. Do these two deserve to be together? When push comes to shove, will they choose each other?

A perfect story that emphasizes what home really is. Great ending, Maggie! Thanks for the read!

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