Model Bodyguard (Haven Investigations #2)

Author: Lissa Kasey

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Rating: 3 stars

Buy Links: DSP & Amazon

Type: Novel

Received from Publisher


Blurb: Things are going well for androgynous model Ollie Petroskovic, ex-Marine Kade Alme, and their business, Haven Investigations, until rock star Jacob Elias shows up in need of their services… and trouble follows.

Jacob is a playboy with a serious penchant for kink, slaves, and sex toys. He’s also Ollie’s ex—and all that implies. With the media exploiting his personal life, a stalker sending blood-soaked “gifts,” a bumbling security team, and a family he can’t trust as far as he could throw them, Jacob is in desperate need of a bodyguard for his latest tour, and Kade can’t refuse.

While Kade deals with new doubts about his partnership with Ollie and struggles with reminders of his war injuries, Jacob’s stalker escalates from blackmail and threats to murder. As Kade and Ollie work to keep Jacob safe and find the culprit behind the attack, a web of family secrets, lies, and abuse slowly emerges, leading up to a final confrontation that they might not walk away from—and that will have lasting repercussions for Kade and his relationship with Ollie.


Review:  Ollie and Kade are doing well. They’re a stable and happy couple when Ollie’s sleazy ex-boyfriend walks into their lives. It takes a while for all the truth to come out, but there are very serious threats against Jacob’s life. Someone with intimate knowledge of Jacob’s proclivities is blackmailing and threatening him. As soon as Kade and Ollie start looking into it, things get worse. A near miss turns into a murder. Ollie and Kade are doing all they can to keep Jacob safe. Kade struggles with a lot of feelings of inadequacy and jealousy at having to deal with Ollie’s gorgeous, rock star, ex-boyfriend. It doesn’t help Kade was unaware of some significant details about their relationship. As Kade and Ollie get closer to figuring out who is responsible for the threats, the situation becomes much more dangerous.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the first book in this series, Model Citizen, but have really liked some of Lissa Kasey’s other works, so I wanted to give this series a second chance. I did prefer this book in some ways, but still had issues. One of my biggest issues with the first book was Ollie himself. Having the story told from his point of view left me in his head with all his judgments. I didn’t enjoy that. Model Bodyguard is from Kade’s POV, which I preferred. However, I’m not that much of a fan of the caretaker and hurt/comfort tropes. There were some instances where I had trouble seeing Kade as someone who exists as something more than a being to care for Ollie.

I would like to say I feel it’s deeply important that I don’t like Ollie. It’s not a situation of me not liking the writing. I don’t like Ollie. I view Ollie as a fully formed person that I dislike. I think that’s good writing. But, the fact remains, I just don’t want to read a series where I don’t like one of the main characters.

In regards to the ending, I’m trying to not spoiler, but the cops are going to want to talk to Kade. The way he ended that… situation. Cops will want to talk to him. The particular situation he’s found himself in doesn’t really work in terms of plot when the cops get factored in.

So yeah, even though I’m not going forward it’s not because I feel the writing is bad. Fans of the caretaker and hurt/comfort tropes should give this series a try.

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