Bargaining for the Billionaire (Seattle Bachelors #3)

Author: J.M. Stewart

Publisher: Forever Yours

Rating: 4 stars

Buy Links: Amazon 

Type: Novel in Series 

Provided by Publisher 


Blurb: In the tradition of E.L. James and Sylvia Day comes a sultry new series starring women who want to live out their wildest dreams . . . 

You know what they say: billionaires do it better . . . 

Grayson Lockwood is every girl’s fantasy. Fabulously weathy? Check. Dangerous good looks, complete with a titillating tattoo on his rock-hard chest? Check. High-powered CEO? Check. Too bad none of that impressed the only woman he ever loved. Since she walked away from him three years ago, Grayson can’t get her out of his mind. To win her back, he’ll have to finally open up about the secrets he’s been keeping. But first, he may have to use a little deception.

Tired of her comatose love life, Madison O’Reilly spices things up by chatting online with a sexy stranger. All she’s really looking for is a hot fling-and BookNerd seems flirtatious and surprisingly attuned to her needs. As their chats become steamier, she begins to wonder just how long she can hold out before she has the real thing. But when he steps out from behind his avatar, Grayson can only hope that Maddie will finally see his true heart . . . 


Review:  It’s true, you often regret the chances you don’t take. Just like not meeting people places you don’t go. You have to put yourself out there if you expect great returns. Life favors the bold. This story reminds us of chances not taken and of choices regretted… If only there was another opportunity?

Bachelor auction. Blind date. Text sex. Yep, this story had game. But I have to say, Grayson’s idea was really foolhardy. Trying to convince Madison of his feelings by lying to her again? Pretty crazy. Will it work?

These two lovers both had secrets. She’d been drugged and raped by someone she thought was a friend. He’d been beaten by an alcoholic father and had his motives and worthiness questioned when he’d inherited his adopted father’s publishing company. Neither one is very trusting. Grayson feels like he’s got to show the world he’s worth something since no one ever told him he was. Madison’s got to learn to trust again, but Grayson’s already one down. With all their accumulated baggage, hire can they ever get their relationship to take off?

Read it and find out.

Thanks for the sweet romance!

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